Nev’s Visit to the British Squash Open Finals

When I first read about the British Squash Open I had to double check that I had read it right, A squash court outside, in a football stadium, in England, with our weather? Surely that can’t be right, I was very intrigued and having previously travelled to London and Manchester to watch the Squash, Hull was just going to be another adventure.

The Squash Court at Low Wood Club
The Squash Court at Low Wood Club

When I started working at Low Wood Leisure Club over 4 years ago, I’d never played squash or even seen it on television or read about it in the media. Things have changed since then. I now play 5 times a week with our members and even coach a few of the members who are in the same situation I was 4 years ago – never played the sport but just keen to learn. Continue reading “Nev’s Visit to the British Squash Open Finals”

Squash Tournament at Low Wood Bay

The game of squash originated in the UK around 1830 and came about after a few boys, who were waiting for their turn to play Rackets, knocked a ball around in a confined area adjoining the racquets court.

Squash-ball-300x200 In 1923 H.A.L. Rudd, writing in “Baily’s Magazine”, forecast that Rackets would lose many players to Squash with the arrival of the first English Amateur Championships. He was concerned at this prospect as he considered Rackets to be a “manlier” game; Squash afforded a good “sweat” but did not demand the same skill as Rackets, in his opinion. Rudd’s forecast proved to be only too correct as Squash grew rapidly and soon left its parent sport far behind in popularity. Continue reading “Squash Tournament at Low Wood Bay”