Mmm Wait till you Taste This Festive Cookie Recipe

What is better than the smell of freshly baked Christmas Cookies? It is an aroma that draws everybody who’s home for the festive season into the kitchen, eagerly anticipating that melt-in-the-mouth moment with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Continue reading “Mmm Wait till you Taste This Festive Cookie Recipe”

Perfecting the Art of Great Coffee

At Waterhead our love and passion for serving good coffee continues. We love yo share our recent journey in perfecting the art of producing really great coffee.
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UK Coffee Week at Waterhead

At Waterhead we love coffee. So much so, that we wanted to be able to create the perfect cuppa, which means using the freshest and best quality beans right here in Ambleside, at the hotel.

What better way to celebrate our love for coffee than to support UK Coffee Week, which gives coffee lovers a chance to enjoy new and exciting blends while supporting charities relating to the origin of their favourite beans.  Continue reading “UK Coffee Week at Waterhead”

You Can’t Beat a Good Cup of Coffee!

The idea of ‘going for a coffee’ is certainly no new concept.  The first coffeehouses began in Mecca as early as the 14th century and soon spread throughout the Arab world. The idea of coffeehouses, where anyone could go to discuss culture and conduct business for the price of a coffee, flourished in Venice, Paris, London and North America in the 1600’s.  Things have no doubt changed slightly since then, it is unlikely anyone was ordering a caramel frappacino in 17th century London, or that there was an American coffeeshop chain on every high street corner, however the culture of enjoying a good quality cup of coffee while socialising has remained a consistently popular activity.

Waterhead roasted coffee served with Gransmere Gingerbread
Waterhead roasted coffee served with Gransmere Gingerbread

Whilst a perfectly decent cup of coffee can be made from beans which have been sourced, roasted and ground elsewhere, at Waterhead we wanted to be able to create the perfect coffee, which means using the freshest and best quality beans.  After much research by General Manager Mark Needham (who, having two children under the age of 2 sees coffee as a lifeline) it was decided that the best way to achieve this would be to roast our own coffee in house, something that very few establishments in this country do, most choosing to buy pre-roasted beans from their suppliers.  Continue reading “You Can’t Beat a Good Cup of Coffee!”

Video: Artisan Brewed Coffee at Waterhead

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At Waterhead we are always looking for new ideas to improve what we do by using innovative and creative methods. After doing some research we wanted to find a way of producing the freshest coffee for our customers.

Mark Needham and the team traveled to Limini Coffee in Bradford to learn how to use a new Roastilino coffee roaster which we have just installed so everyday we can expertly roast the finest selected Arabica coffee beans for our guests.

For our new coffee roaster, we source beans from some of the best coffee growers around the world from Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia and many others. These are purchased as Green beans, which is basically raw coffee beans.

We expertly roast everyday which gives us the freshest artisan brewed coffee in the Lake District. Soon our customers will be able to enjoy there favourite coffee in the Bar and Grill whilst taking in the breathtaking views over Windermere.