Waterhead Bar & Grill Inspiring a New Generation of Chefs

Rachel and Jessica
Rachel and Jessica, Chefs at Waterhead Bar & Grill

When Jessica Struckman and Rachel Eaton were offered jobs in the kitchen at Waterhead Bar & Grill, it was meant to be a stop gap to fill the time before they set off on their travels. What they did not expect, was to be inspired to consider the life of a Chef at English Lakes as a new career path.

With guidance from Head Chef Nick, they are learning the art of food preparation – and loving it!

Jessica and Rachel took some time away from the kitchen to tell us about there roles at Waterhead Bar & Grill. Continue reading “Waterhead Bar & Grill Inspiring a New Generation of Chefs”

A Career for Life with English Lakes

Congratulations are certainly in order for the longest serving member of staff at English Lakes, Maria Walker, who celebrates thirty years in the company this month. Here, she shares a little of her English Lakes journey. Continue reading “A Career for Life with English Lakes”