Growing Popularity of Gin Tasting at Waterhead

Waterhead now has a regular following at their Gin Tasting events and it was great to welcome both David Barbour of Fever-Tree Mixers and Rory Gilbert of Masons Yorkshire Gin recently. Here’s a little snippet of the event, and a few facts about both companies.

7 out of 10 Restaurants Prefer It

We’ve all be in restaurants and bars that serve it – indeed, 7 out of 10 top restaurants in the world prefer it – but perhaps you don’t know the incredible success story that is Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

Discovering that the majority of mixers had some potentially harmful preservatives and aromatics, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow began a 15 month research journey, going back as far as 1620, to find the purest source of the key ingredient – quinine.

Chin-Chin Cinchona

The pinnacle of their research brought them to the foot of the Cinchona tree, also fondly known as Fever tree, and the best quality quinine was taken from fever trees on the Rwanda Congo border. Blending the quinine with spring water and eight botanicals, and notably no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavours, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic was launched in 2005. Since then, they’ve introduced a further six mixers and reaped in a whole host of awards the world over, including the No.1 Best Selling and Top Trending Tonic by the World’s 50 Best Bars, two years in a row.

David Barber from Fever-Tree Mixers …

Great to host yet another gin night at the Waterhead which was attended by some of the regulars now. Gin has grown massively over the last couple of years and many small Artisan distillers have become very popular finding new and unusual botanicals to add in their creations.

At Fever-Tree we continue to look at new products and recently launched the Aromatic tonic which is made with angostura bark and therefore is a pink tonic, this seemed to go down very well.

The First Gin Distilled in Yorkshire

Introducing the first Gin distilled in Yorkshire! Masons Yorkshire Gin is distilled in Steve and Leftie, their two copper alembic stills. Mixed with pure Yorkshire water and a mix of juniper, citrus fruits and a secret recipe of botanicals, this is not a run of the mill product. Each 70 cl bottle has its own hand-written batch and bottle number and the range includes both a Lavender and Yorkshire Tea gins.

On the night, Rory Gilbert, Brand Ambassador for Masons Yorkshire Gin, commented

Masons Gin was created by a Yorkshire couple who wanted to make a gin to their taste, luckily it turns out that a lot of people share the same taste as them.

Great event with some local gin enthusiasts and was nice to have the opportunity to present Masons.

Next Gin Tasting Event at Waterhead

Join us on Friday 5th May, 8.30 pm for a gin tasting again hosted by David from Fever-Tree where you will be able to sample of the different gins from our collection as well as experimenting with various garnishes.

If you dine in our restaurant on the night then the tasting is free, or if you just wish to come along for the tasting it is £10 per person.

To book or for more details either email Anthony Sutcliffe or call 015394 32566.
Take a look at our short video below for a taster of what to expect in our next event!


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