Waterhead – Be Kind to Food Servers Month

January is Be Kind to Food Servers month and at Waterhead, we want to pay tribute to a great restaurant and bar team who work tirelessly every day of the year to go the extra mile, and be kind to our guests.



Teresa’s inspiration for working in the hotel industry was to meet people of different nationalities. She was delighted to have the opportunity to travel and work in the UK. The travel bug has not left her and she hopes one day to travel all around Australia.tereza

Her favourite food? She has been converted to ordering amazing steaks – she puts this down to a recent visit to The Wild Boar.



Juan was inspired to work in hospitality by his Mother, back in Spain and he started his career in her restaurant. He moved to the UK to gain experience of working in a different culture and to improve his English.

His choice of food is, not surprisingly, that Spanish speciality – Paella! When he’s not working hard in the Waterhead restaurant, Juan loves to fly home to visit friends and family in his beloved Valencia.juan

Can you spot the similarity? Many of our guests mistake Juan for the Manchester City Manager, Pep Guadiola.



Fabian started his hospitality career in Tenerife, doing weekend jobs whilst he was still studying. His desire to experience a different culture brought him to the Lake District Hotels.fabian

When he is at the other side of the table, he likes being served Asian foods and trying different spices.

Some of our guests have assumed Fabian is from France, and have been surprised when he hasn’t responded to their greeting in French.

Fabian’s ambition is to return to Spain in the future and to join the Spanish police.


biankaBianka came to the UK with her boyfriend, Ilias, when he came to work in the kitchen at Waterhead. She loves the opportunity to experience life in a different country, meet new customers and deliver great customer service.bianka

Her favourite food is fried cheese, a traditional dish from back home in Hungary.

Plus One Service at Waterhead

Our +1 Culture is all about going the extra mile for our guests and colleagues. We believe that we should ‘Be Kind to Food Servers’ every month of the year. Thanks to a wonderful restaurant team!

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  1. We have never been disappointed with the meals served at the waterhead and also the service of the staff.

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