Waterhead Gin of the Month – Portobello Rd 171

It’s amazing what you can create from a few roots, berries and peel. Nine botanicals and a lot of research, experimentation and hard work produced this gold medal winning, internationally acclaimed Gin.


Waterhead’s Gin of the Month started at its namesake address and the character of the gin was formed by adding a little here and reducing a little there. Nine months of gestation and Portobello Road No 171 was born.

Photo Credit: The Glass Passport
Photo Credit: Richard Nixon, The Glass Passport

The nine botanicals in question are Juniper berries, Coriander seed, Angelica root, Orris root, Lemon and Orange peel, Liquorice root, Cassia bark and Nutmeg. These make for a rich, warm woodiness woven through with a zesty citrus burst, but none of the above stealing the thunder of big brother Juniper who remains firmly in charge.

Portobellow Road 171 made its first appearance in 2011, so still a baby gin really, but it has already been described as ‘an institution’ in its own right.

Portobello Road Gin and cocktails

Portobello Road gin and Tonic


Fill a balloon glass with ice, pour a healthy measure of Portobello Road gin over the ice, Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit and pink grapefruit peel. Serve with Fever-Tree Indian tonic.


Apple and Pears Portobello Road G&T


A suitably autumnal take on the G&T which will warm your cockles on a grey English day. Easy to make at home and a great way to welcome guests.

Photo credit: Portobello Road
Photo credit: Portobello Road

Fill a balloon glass with ice, pour 50ml Portobello Road gin, 200ml Fever-Tree premium tonic water, slices of English pear and russet apple, finish with 6 or 7 juniper berries.

Future Gin Tasting Event’s at Waterhead

Join the Waterhead team on 21st October for one of our splendid Gin Tasting evenings, this time hosted by Bedrock.

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