Fun and Fitness on Windermere – Shauna’s Paddlecise Experience

If you’ve passed by Low Wood Bay recently you may have seen what looks like a gathering of people standing on the water. This is Paddlecise, a fitness class with a twist! A balance, coordination and full body strengthening class on Lake Windermere. Whether you’re a Watersports fanatic or a complete beginner, Paddlecise is a fun and challenging experience.

Shauna King, Low Wood Bay Fitness Instructor
Shauna King, Low Wood Health Club Fitness Instructor

Shauna King, Low Wood Health Club Fitness Instructor tells us about her first experience of this novel new sport.

We’ll Start with a Squat Jump!

I was a complete beginner when I tried my first class. I had never stepped foot on a paddleboard and balance really isn’t my forte. However, after a few failed attempts, I was standing up and paddling around the lake.


The class was taken by Joe who gave clear instructions and was very patient with all the participants. Once everyone had found their feet the class began in earnest. “We’ll start with a squat jump.” I thought he was joking. It seemed impossible, but after only a few attempts I got it. The class progressed with lots of different exercises and included lots of core, stability training and balancing exercises. The class lasted one hour and was great fun and didn’t feel like a workout, I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a try.


You Can Do it!

Don’t think you have to be super-fit before you sign up. Stand up Paddle Boarding Champion, Annabel Anderson, has said,

Sometimes people who look the most fit are the worst at it. It is a real wake up call.

That’s an encouragement to us all!

Benefits of Paddlecise

You might think that Paddlecise is mostly about strengthening the arms. It’s not. It works nearly every muscle in your body, and specifically targets your core.  Keeping balanced on the board very naturally engages all abdominal and upper body muscles. Arms and legs are also hard at work bringing the paddle to the board, supporting you on the board and keeping that all-important balance.


As well as toning and improved core stability, Paddlecise has been shown to improve balance and help co-ordination.

Above all, this is fun on the lake. Everybody is starting from the same point – perhaps a little nervous of a new challenge and unsure of what’s ahead – a perfect recipe for great camaraderie and lots of laughs along the way.

Give it a try

Contact Low Wood Health Club for more information on class times. Each session provides full class instruction and paddleboard/wet suit hire.

Booking is essential please call Health Club reception on 015394 39344.







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