Waterhead Gin of the Month – Martin Miller’s

Waterhead’s Gin of the Month is Martin Miller’s, named after its inventor and producer. Martin Miller’s has won more Gold and Platinum medals than any other gin in the last ten years, taking Gold in the 2016 World Spirits Awards. Behind the name, there is personality, passion, love, obsession and, in Martin’s own words, ‘madness’.

Expertly crafted Gin and Tonic's / Martin Miller's Gin
Expertly crafted Gin and Tonic’s / Martin Miller’s Gin

Invitation to Love: The Beginnigs of Martin Miller’s Gin

Martin Miller, maverick and entrepreneur, was having a drink with some friends in a London pub in 1997 and found himself profoundly disappointed with the drink presented in the guise of gin

Two small, wet ice cubes in a beer glass, a small shot of low proof gin, topped up with gun tonic and garnished with a preserved lemon slice. Typically disgusting!

He decided there and then that he was going to make his own.

Now Mr Miller’s adventurous streak had already forged a path in the world of property, pop concerts, antiques, arts and science. We’ll forgive him his first enterprise, an etiquette guide on ‘Success with the Fairer Sex’. In true swashbuckling style, and seeing himself treading the Silk Road path with Marco Polo and getting lost around the Americas with Columbus, this was going to be no ordinary gin.

In his own words,

Good gin should simply invite you to love it.

An Old Lady and a Touch of Madness: The Gin Making Process

9J8A9021-2-X3Scoffing technological advances in gin sills and carterheads, with a vision underpinned by a love and respect for gin and the traditions of gin making, Miller’s gin is a single pot distillation system, in a traditional 100-year-old sill named Angela. Only the ‘heart’ of the spirit is kept, the top and the tail being discarded. When it comes to blending the botanicals, the dried peel of citrus fruit is separated from the more earthy botanicals such as juniper and coriander to create a more balanced flavour with brighter citrus notes. The botanicals are then steeped overnight in spirit and hot water, this gentle maceration giving a superior end result.

It’s here that the secret ingredient, ‘the Madness’ as Miller calls it, is added. The prepared spirit goes on a ten day adventure of its own, from the east coast of England across the Atlantic to Borganes, a beautiful fjord on Iceland’s west coast. It is here, in the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, that the purest and softest water on earth is artfully blended to create a unique London Dry Gin that speaks for itself.


The botanicals used Martin Miller’s gin are Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Liquorice Root, Cassia Bark, Florentine Iris, Bitter Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, cucumber.

Botanicals / Martin Miller’s Gin
Botanicals / Martin Miller’s Gin

Tasting notes

  • Nose: Strong citrus nose from the orange, lemon and lime
  • Palate: Smooth with juniper notes emerging
  • Finish: Lovely, clean and soft

Gin Cocktail Suggestions

Gin Tasting Events at Waterhead 

Waterhead Bar & Grill regularly hosts Gin Tasting Evenings with special guest speakers. To keep up-to-date with all future gin tasting evenings at Waterhead take a look at the events page for our upcoming events.

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