A Golden Wedding and a Car called Jemima at Low Wood Bay

In October, the team at Low Wood Bay welcomed back Colin and Margaret Evans and a very special member of their family, Jemima, a 1933 Austin 7  saloon, on a re-run of their honeymoon fifty years previously. 

Colin, Margaret with Jemima
Colin, Margaret with Jemima

 Tell us how you met?

Margaret and I went to the same junior school and she knew my sister. At one of my sister’s parties I was sent to collect a girl from the bus stop and that’s when we became friends. Margaret joined me in my hobby of cycling and we travelled together all over the North West on bikes.

When did Jemima join the family?

I was given an engineering apprenticeship with a company 20 miles from IMG_7189 (1)home. Too far to cycle each day, so motorised transport was required. I saw an ad in the local paper and Jemima was acquired, for the princely sum of £8. With Margaret’s help we repaired and repainted her – bright yellow! Why ‘Jemima’ you might ask? Both my sisters were nursery nurses and Beatrice Potter books were aplenty, so what else do you call small yellow car?

After our engagement we bought a house and planned a wedding. I was nagged by the purists in the classic car world to return Jemima to her original colours, which we did. All was ready for our marriage. Well almost, we had not planned a honeymoon.

How did you choose Low Wood Bay?

Colin & Margaret on their wedding day in 1965.
Colin & Margaret on their wedding day in 1965.

We were married at 4pm on 2nd October 1965. After an excellent reception in a local pub, we set off in Jemima, having told no one where we were going – because we didn’t know ourselves!

Next day we headed north and into the lakes, and Windermere. Why we chose Low Wood Bay we don’t know. The fact we had £35 and a full tank of fuel might have had some influence. We were glad we did. From there we went on into Scotland via Gretna.

Jemima complete with "Just Married" written on the door
Jemima complete with “Just Married” written on the door

And your return visits?

We had our only child in 1968 and whilst Margaret was pregnant, Jemima was re-built and re-painted and has served us well since then. In the meantime, we have had other cars, ancient and modern and a beautiful granddaughter.

Coming up to our Ruby wedding, we decide to re-run the honeymoon. The car was cleaned up, some work was done on the engine and we were ready for off. No booking – as we hadn’t booked the first time around!

Our daughter flapped. Unknown to us, she had contacted the Low Wood, booked a room and told them what we were up to. We arrived, puzzled by her regular phone checks on our progress. The answer was at the hotel – a red carpet and a banner welcoming us back. The surprises continued to our room with a bottle of fizz and a decorated bed.

Every member of staff seemed to be in on the ‘secret’ and gave us a great stay – even a visit to The World of Beatrix Potter, to see Jemima’s namesake.

With great regret we left the following day and headed north over Kirkstone. But that was what we did 40 years previously. Nine years on we began to think about our Golden Wedding. There were other events this year, a 21st and a 75th birthday amongst others. There was no real contest, we had to go on honeymoon again!

Margaret said that the car had to be improved, so out came the welding gear, the spanners and the paint brushes.

The car was finished in early September. We had a lovely golden wedding anniversary celebration, joined this time by our daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter. One pleasant occurrence was when my wife and I and another ‘golden couple’ were asked by the new bride-to-be what we attributed our long marriage, the consensus was “don’t go to bed on an argument”.

Low Wood Bay wish Colin, Margaret and Jemima a huge ‘Congratulations’ on their fifty years together. We look forward to seeing them next time they head north to celebrate. 

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    1. Hi Garry, We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Colin and Margaret, and of course Jemima! Glad you could have a read all the way over there on the Gold Coast!
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