Malt of the Month – Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 year old

It seems only fitting that since The Wild Boar is holding a Glenfiddich Whisky Tasting tasting evening in October, that we should revisit Glenfiddich distillery for our Malt of the Month.


A Man Who Dared to Dream

William Grant was a dreamer and a pioneer. For twenty years he dreamt of making the ‘best dram in the valley’. How many of us see our dreams become reality? But 1886, in the space of just one year, William, with the help of his seven sons and two daughters, had built the Glenfiddich

James Grant, Dreamer and Pioneer
William Grant, Dreamer and Pioneer

distillery, gaelic for ‘valley of the deer’. Today, Glenfiddich is the world’s most awarded single malt whisky, more than fulfilling William’s original vision.

Glenfiddich is one of the few distilleries to remain entirely family owned with more than a little of the founder’s integrity and innovative spirit, passed down through the generations. William’s grandson, Grant Gordon, bucked the trend in the 1920’s and despite Prohibition in full swing, increased whisky production to the surprise of everybody in the industry.

Highly Skilled Craftsmen

imagesContributing to their ongoing success was the decision in 1957, by Charles Gordon, William’s son-in-law, to insist on having coppersmiths onsite at the Distillery. These are highly skilled craftsmen, always on hand to build and tend to the uniquely shaped and sized copper stills.

The distillery has one of the few remaining onsite cooperage. The Head Cooper builds, mends and chars the casks with knowledge and tools passed down through the centuries. His team prepare 126 casks every day. Working with the oak in this way is hugely important – giving as much as 65% of the whisky its flavour as it matures.

Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 Year Old

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Spicy oak and vibrant vanilla, followed by rich, darker fruits the download (1)glass warms in your hands.

PALATE: Toffee notes, caramelised fruits, a hint of vanilla. In your second sip, you’ll find the spicy notes really come through, adding greater depth.

FINISH: long lasting and warming finish with hints of nuttiness and rich oak imparted by the virgin American and Spanish oak casks.

Whisky Tasting Evening

elh-24-x2Join George, our Master of Malt, at the Glenfiddich Whisky Tasting Evening on 13th October, hosted by Glenfiddich Ambassador, Mark Thomson.

Take a look at The Wild Boar Events page to find our more about this, and other events, at The Wild Boar..

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