Meet The Midland Wedding ‘Dream Team’

When you book an English Lakes venue for your wedding celebration, you can be sure you will always get the best personal service with one of our dedicated wedding and event co-ordinators.

Introducing our two wedding co-coordinators at The Midland – Helen and Lee-Harry. Between them, they do everything in their power to ensure that each wedding glides along seamlessly, even if they are at times pedalling furiously behind the scenes. Being with the company over twelve years, they have a wealth of experience and more than a few memorable moments.

What is the best bit of your role?

Helen: Meeting my couples eight weeks prior to their Big Day! At this point, I go through the detail and help them visualise it as a reality. They always start to get excited at this point because they can picture the day coming together.

Lee-Harry: One of the best moments for me is on the actual day and the satisfaction of seeing everything going exactly to plan. I like to take a step back at the end of the shift and reflect on how happy the couple are on their special day.

Give us a glimpse of the day itself?

Helen: I keep a checklist with me all day to ensure I haven’t missed anything that has been requested. The bride can often think of things she’d like to change last minute so I make sure I write everything down. Guests may have cancelled, so table plans need last minute alterations. I then ensure all staff members are aware of these changes.

Lee-Harry: It’s crucial that all the staff have been briefed on timings, room set up, table plan, appropriate glassware and cutlery, etc. We have to liaise with registrars and usher guests into the rooms. Getting the ceremony music cued up on time is also our responsibility. It’s vital that we liaise with Chef about the details of particular dietary requirements. Then we do it all again for the evening layout and buffet, this time ensuring we liaise with DJs and musicians.

Share a Memorable Moment …

Helen: A groom booked a famous Mariachi band for the bride as a surprise for the evening. Our team were to wear sombreros but I could only tell them on the morning of the wedding.  The groom was on edge that the secret would be out. The band eventually arrived 1 hour late! I had to greet them at the back door and smuggle them in so that the surprise wasn’t ruined.

Lee-Harry: We hosted the wedding of one of the writers from Coronation Street, who got married to one of the writers of Eastenders. On the day, there were so many familiar faces from the cast of both programmes, it was like a battle of the soaps – all in good humour or course!

Have you ever had to ‘save the day’?

Lee-Harry: A bride & groom phoned in a panic on the morning of the wedding. They thought they had ordered flowers for the tables but had forgotten.  I told them not to worry and we would sort it out. It was a Sunday but fortunately we have some fantastic suppliers and I managed to get in touch with one of our florists who was attending a family christening. She dashed to work and managed to do single stem flower for all the tables and a floral centrepiece. The couple were delighted and the rest of the wedding guests were none the wiser.

Tell us about ‘Vintage’ at The Midland

Helen: Until I started at The Midland I thought vintage was doilies and lace, definitely not my taste. However, I have now discovered that vintage incorporates an abundance of styles including retro. However,  my favourite style is Art Deco – blacks, golds, feathers -it’s so stylish and glamorous. It is so in keeping with the style of the hotel and I get excited when couples decide to opt for an art deco inspired wedding.

Helen and Lee-Harry preparing for an event at The Midland
Helen and Lee-Harry preparing for an event at The Midland

Helen and Lee-Harry are getting ready to welcome you to our Vintage Wedding Showcase on Sunday 20th September 2015. It will be a colourful extravaganza of sophistication and style and will inspire any couples planning their special day.

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