8 Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours or small gifts are given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. Gone are the days when the standard wedding favour is a section sugar coated almonds, there is no limit to the scope of creativity that brides and grooms bring to the table to say ‘thank you’ to their guests.

Rustic Wedding Favours
We have previously covered 8 Creative Wedding Favours, but this time we have collated a few of The Wild Boars weddings team’s favourites with the help of Pinterest – a wedding planners best friend!

1. Miniature whisky

The Wild Boar has a collection of over 120 whiskies and is the perfect place to sample a dram or two before selecting your chosen favour.

2. Smoked Fudge

Smoke your own fudge in The Wild Boar’s smokehouse prior to the big day and serve it as your wedding favours.

3. Love Heart Slate

Double these lovely favours up as your table plan

4. Jam

Create your own jam and serve it up in little jars to make a cute homemade favour.

5. Lavender

A gift that can mix in with your floral design and double as a table plan.

6. Seeds

A low cost eco-friendly wedding favour. Wildflower seeds and are great for our native bees and butterflies plus you could use some great puns such as ‘meant to bee’ or ‘let love grow’!

7. Wooden Key Rings

Wooden name keyrings for each guest at rustic theme wedding. The Wild Boar have their own version of these in the shape of a boar, they are also great for doubling up as name place cards.

8. Make your own Rustic Candle

Make your own chic candles by using wax, wicks, scent and some old jam jars.

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