Waterhead Gin of the Month – Hayman’s 1850 Reserve

Waterhead has an impressive Gin Library of over 40 gins and each month we feature a Gin of the Month. This month our choice is Hayman’s 1850 Reserve, a throwback to the style of gin rested in whisky barrels and sold in Gin Palaces in the 1880s.  

A Rich Heritage in Gin and Spirits

Hayman’s are a UK family company which dates back to 1863 when Christopher Hayman’s great grandfather purchased a Gin rectifying company in London. The company, overseen by Christopher Hayman, made famous the Beefeater brand which was sold in 1987. Hayman Distillers retained a proportion of the company and continued the passion and tradition of distilling and producing fine spirits.

With over 40 years experience in the trade, Christopher Hayman has built an impressive and invaluable knowledge of gin and spirits. He has held a number of positions including Chairman of the Gin and Vodka Association and a Trustee of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. His children, James and Miranda Hayman, are the 5th generation to follow in the family tradition and both now work at Hayman Distillers.

The Hayman’s Range


Hayman’s has a range of different styles of gin which follow the evolution and history of gin over the last 150 years. The range includes;

  • Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
  • Hayman’s Sloe Gin
  • Hayman’s London Dry Gin
  • Hayman’s Gin Liqueur
  • Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin

Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin

Haymans-Family-Reserve-ginHayman’s Family Reserve Gin, which is Waterhead’s gin of the month, reflects the style sold in the ornate ‘Gin Palaces’ in London and other English cities in the 1800s. It is rested in Scotch whisky barrels for three weeks in keeping with the tradition that gin was sold from the cask rather than the bottle, which was commonplace in England until the 1860s. The impact of the wood adds a subtle mellow note to the gin’s overall profile.

Hayman’s Family Reserve is a limited edition, and is released in batches of 5000 bottles, each being individually numbered and here at Waterhead we are proud to add this special gin to our ever growing library of speciality gins.

Tasting Notes

Hayman’s Family Reserve is classically smooth and rounded with enticing hints of spice and pepper. This style, with dominant notes of coriander and juniper, differs from Hayman’s London Dry and Old Tom where citrus is prevalent on the nose. It is a versatile gin for both classic and modern cocktails at 41.3% abv.

Next Gin Tasting Evening

Our next event will be on Friday 11th September to keep up-to-date with all future gin tasting evenings at Waterhead take a look at Waterhead’s events page for our upcoming events.

Waterhead is currently stocking Haymans Family Reserve as the Gin of the Month, when you are next at Waterhead Bar & Grill – its a must try! Hope you enjoy.

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