Great North Swim Tips with Cassie Patten: Nutrition

Following on from our previous Great North Swim Video with Cassie Patten where we covered Sighting and Confidence Kate, Anna and Rachel ask for some tips on what they should eat before a Great Swim or an Open Water Swimming event.

What should you eat & drink ahead of a long open water swim?

Cassie gave some great advice to think about ahead of a big swim to avoid getting a stitch! Watch the video…

Rachel followed Cassie’s advice for a recent endurance open-water swim event:

I would normally have a bowl of porridge the morning of a big swim, however Cassie advised against this. For my latest swim I opted for lighter snacks such as a banana and a small cereal bar. I found this made a huge difference and it will be something I will be sticking to for my next Great Swim.

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Great North Swim Windermere

The Great North Swim, Windermere is the UK’s biggest open water swimming event which attracts 10,000 to the shores of Low Wood Bay resort.

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