Great North Swim Tips with Cassie Patten: Confidence

Following on from our previous Great North Swim Video with Cassie Patten where we covered Sighting, Kate, Anna and Rachel ask for some tips to build their confidence in the open water.

How To Gain Confidence when swimming in Open Water?

Cassie gave some great suggestions for overcoming such issues for tricking the brain so you think of your ‘happy place’ to blowing bubbles to help concentrate on your breathing. Watch the video for more tips.

In particular, Anna was nervous about the start of the race:

Last year I didn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of getting into the water for the start of the race. A top tip for me was when Cassie pointed out that the starting chip only times from when you pass the gantry, so there is the option to avoid the initial rush so this year I will be choosing my starting spot with more care.

Some people don’t like the unseen nature of what they are swimming alongside:

I have a habit of stopping swimming as soon as I see something vaguely monster shaped, ie fish/twig/leaf! Cassie was very clear in pointing out that I was not going to get eaten and to just get on with my swim!

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