Low Wood No Wood Cardboard Boat Race 2015

Now in its third year, Low Wood No Wood cardboard boat race at Low Wood Bay continues to exceed expectations with record numbers of boats entered, creativity beyond bounds, a large crowd of spectators and money raised for a very worthwhile charity.


Ben Berry, founder of the event, retained his role as Admiral on the day and entertained the crowds with his trademark witticisms. This year he was ably assisted by Pirate Katie and together they helped to keep all contestants on track by threatening ‘the plank’ to any wayward entries.

Admiral Berry and Pirate Katie

It was great to see so many young people involved and this year we broke the record for the youngest paddler at just 5 years old! As part of team “Jeff” they also won the Titanic ‘Best Sinker’ award.

Team “Jeff” clambering on their sinking ship

Thanks go to Windermere and Ambleside Lions who kept lots of smaller children happy with their Bouncy Castle and donated all proceeds to charity. Burneside Brass band provided a great atmosphere playing classic brass music all day.

Wind is often the enemy of cardboard boats. Usually built with a flat hull they can be knocked off course easily. The team from Paddlers for Life seemed unable to turn left in their first race causing complications and a slight deviation from the route! However, they came back in the afternoon setting the second fastest time of the day.

Paddlers for Life struggling to set sail

‘The Map’ a small boat built and run by Langdale Mountain Rescue set a blistering time in the morning. Unfortunately they were unable to finish the competition and left mid-event, dashing off to save someone on the fells!

Master Cardboard Boat Builder, Glyn Carradus, continued to show his design prowess with his Shipy Shipy Glam Glam boat with working wings, horn and exhaust. A well-deserved recipient of ‘Best Design’.

Award winning Shipy Shipy Glam Glam
Award winning Shipy Shipy Glam Glam

Hayes Garden World have supported the event since day one with three boats each year. This year Richie’s Warriors were not only dressed fantastically with a well themed and strongly built craft but their muscle and grunt pushed them into position as fastest boat of the day.

Richie’s Warriors in action, bagging First Place

The tradition of cardboard cups for the winners carried on with thanks to Progression Solicitors for sponsoring the event.

Chaos on the seas!
Chaos on the seas!

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