Great North Swim Tips with Cassie Patten: Sighting

In the second of our video blogs in the lead up to the Great North Swim, Cassie Patten, open water Olympic Bronze and two times World Silver Medalist talks to Kate Cameron, Anna Rogerson and Rachel Amner, a group of three women who are signed up to do the 2 mile race at the Great North Swim and who have all caught the open water swimming ‘bug’.

Sighting When Open Water Swimming

Rachel in particular was keen to have some suitable tips for sighting, a skill that is important to master in order to keep swimmers on course but difficult to practice in the confines of a swimming pool. Cassie was able to give some great advice. Watch the video…

Swimming in the Lake District

Kate and Anna are sisters and both have happy childhood memories of swimming in Coniston during summer family holidays. Kate commented,

We would mess around in Dad’s sailing boat and find excuses to capsize and fall into the water. We loved it!

Anna adds,

As a child I was never particularly good at swimming, but found it fun. I now love open water swimming as it’s a great combination of fitness, time on my own whilst swimming and getting together with friends before and after the swim.

As a busy mum of 3 lively boys I found that my fitness levels had dropped and action was needed to improve my fitness and lose weight. On Kate’s suggestion, I signed up for the 1 mile Great North Swim last year and enjoyed it so much that this year we are both going to swim the 2 mile together.


After the question and answer session with Cassie, Kate commented,

The training session with Cassie was extremely helpful. It wasn’t just the answers to the questions that made the most impact on me. More than that, the fact that Cassie is a very positive, knowledgeable and approachable individual – that in itself was inspiring.

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Great North Swim Windermere

The Great North Swim, Windermere is the UK’s biggest open water swimming event which attracts 10,000 to the shores of Low Wood Bay resort.

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