Perfecting the Art of Great Coffee

At Waterhead our love and passion for serving good coffee continues. We love yo share our recent journey in perfecting the art of producing really great coffee.


Coffee with its distinctive flavour and aroma is prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds found inside the berries of the coffee plant grown in over 70 countries. At Waterhead we use green beans from many parts of the world including India, Brazil, Kenya, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Indonesia.


For the freshest taste we roast the green beans to varying degrees, depending on the bean and the desired flavour we are creating. Once roasted we grind the beans, the different beans and roast times creating unique flavours – some richer, some lighter in texture – all fresh artisan coffee for the discerning pallet.


We like to have fun with Latte art – it’s a great way of enhancing the presentation. Our Barista, Atilla, has been experimenting with various designs and continues to make this artistic skill look very easy! Guests here at Waterhead love the results and keep coming back for more.

We serving our artisan roasted coffee everyday. Whether your preference is a rich espresso or a frothy cappuccino, one thing that will be signature with all our coffee is your enjoyment of the sophisticated taste and flavour.


When next visiting the Waterhead and ordering your coffee, the team will be ready to prepare the coffee you desire and will happily design and put a new twist on the way you enjoy your coffee.

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