Waterhead Gin of the Month – Austrian Blue Gin

Waterhead’s Gin of the Month was first discovered by Anthony whilst on a skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps. He shares a little bit about Austrian Blue Gin, created from a truly international blend of botanicals. 

It was on a ski trip earlier this year in the Austrian Alps where I discovered a local bar called Ginhouse. This cosy atmospheric bar stocked over 400 gins from every corner of the world. Being in Austria I felt it was only right to choose the local Austrian Blue Gin and this is the gin I’ve chosen for our Gin of Month.

The Austrian Alps, the origin of this month Gin


Botanicals from around the world

Austria’s most decorated and award winning distiller, Hans Reisetbauer created the Blue Gin using 27 botanicals that produce its unique flavour. The most important of these is the fresh juniper berries from the latest harvest although you will also experience fragrant lemony and spicy notes which make for a refreshing and lively taste. The spices in the blue gin are important to create the signature Reisetbauer style and they include angelica root, cilantro seeds, turmeric, liquorice to name a few. The botanicals originate from over 14 far flung countries including Egypt, China, Spain, Indonesia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Holland, Vietnam and the USA – quite a sourcing and logistical challenge!


Pure spring water from the Austrian Alps

With its Austrian origins you would be right in thinking that the spring water used for enrichening the Blue Gin comes from an alpine pasture – the Muhlviertel region to be exact. The Muhlviertel region is named after the two rivers in the area Grope Muhl and Kleine Muhl and is one of four quarters of the upper Austria. The low calcium and sodium content makes this spring water particularly mild and soft, perfectly enhancing the delicate taste of Blue Gin.

 The Blue Gin & tonic

Sometimes the traditional way of serving gin is the best and this true of Blue Gin. The producers recommend pouring the Blue Gin over ice, adding a little Fever-Tree tonic and garnish with a slice of lime or lemon for the perfect G & T. However if you are up for a little creativity  add a dash of raspberry syrup to the gin, a squeeze of lime topped with fever-Tree tonic and then garnished with fresh raspberries for another way to enjoy a Blue Gin and tonic.

Next Gin Tasting Evening

To keep up-to-date with all future gin tasting evenings at Waterhead take a look at The Waterhead events page for our upcoming events.

Waterhead is currently stocking Austrian Blue Gin as the Gin of the Month, when you are next at Waterhead Bar & Grill make sure its a must try! Hope you enjoy.

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