Marathon Challenge at Low Wood Club – Training Diary Part 4

Emma Robinson, Fitness Instructor at Low Wood Club continues her training for the Coniston Marathon. Working to a fitness program, she is learning how to build flexibility into the schedule to fit around her lifestyle.



Once again, I’ve had to be flexible and change the scheduled distance runs due to my full on day at work. I Arrived early and did some cardio work and some core strengthening exercises in the Low Wood Club gym. I used the tread climber, a new piece of equipment at the club, for 10 minutes changing the speed and incline at regular intervals. This machine is great for strengthening the muscles around the legs.

I then used the cross trainer for a further 10 minutes before selecting 4 individual core exercises a couple using my own body weight and two using the exercise balls in the gym.

During my circuit class we completed a range of different cardio exercises including squat jumps, jumping lunges, jumping jacks, high knees along with exercises using dumbbells that target mainly the upper body including shoulder press, chest press, bicep curls, overhead tricep press, and side bends. Again, using light weights and repeating each exercises for 1 minute. I then taught 45 minutes of Zumba and in the evening another hour of Zumba. After my shift had ended I relaxed my muscles in the outdoor hot tub – a great way to loosen the legs at the end of a busy day.



Today I swapped the scheduled gym day with a 5 mile outdoor run, remembering to have a good stretch afterwards. Groin injury is doing miles better as are my knees. Feeling stronger every day.


An 8 mile run. I really struggled today, my legs felt heavy and my knees and groin started to give me problems again. After this run I spent an hour in the gym, firstly on the bike for 10 minutes warming my legs down and then a short session working on chest. Finished with a good stretch out.



I was on the early shift, after this I ran a quick 3 miles followed by a gym session. In the gym I cycled for 20 minutes and then completed a workout aiming to strengthen my shoulders along with some core work.


A took a one hour spinning class before completing a 45 minute leg workout.


I had a rest day from running and after work completed a gym session working on arms and core.


I taught a Circuit Class working on CV, upper body and core exercises.

I have missed running training for a couple of days in order for my knees and groin to rest. Legs are feeling better and ready to start week five of marathon training! Keep an eye out for my next update!

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