Marathon Challenge at Low Wood Club – Training Diary Part 3

Emma Robinson, Fitness Instructor at Low Wood Club continues her training for the Coniston Marathon. Working to a fitness program, she is learning how to build flexibility into the schedule to fit around her lifestyle.  

emma-featuredTwo weeks of following the training plan and it’s starting to become an enjoyable routine. I’m now looking forward to each run as well as my gym sessions and stretching time.This week I will be extending my runs to 21 miles through the week.


Teaching 3 fitness classes as well as a shift at work on a Monday means that I struggle to fit in a run, especially since the Day One run should be the longest of the week! Putting this off until Wednesday to fit better with my work patterns, I completed some cardio vascular exercises along with a set of exercises targeting the back. In my circuit class this week we worked on lower body, mainly leg strengthening exercises as well as some core work. I also taught a Zumba class.  Monday night I slept the best I have in a long time!


20141223-BY9A4269-X2The back exercises, mainly using the human sport equipment and dumbbells, included

  • Lat Pull Down on the Lat Pulley
  • Low Row on the Total Delts
  • Single arm High Row on the Pull Lift
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row using bench and dumbbells
  • Barbell Row on the Max Rack

In the 45 minute circuit class I put together a set of 8 different exercises targeting the legs. We used the Pump FX bars and some body weights to do weighted squats, lunges, jumping lunges, single leg bends, squat jumps and calf raises. It was a challenge but the exercises are really good for strengthening different parts of the leg.


I decided that it was beneficial to have a rest day. For a change, I listened to my body and did just that! Tuesday was scheduled as a gym day but I did my quota yesterday.


A day off work so perfect for completing the longer distance run from Monday. Seven miles at my normal pace followed by 20 minutes on the bike afterwards. Then some core exercises at the gym along with some upper body chest exercises. Again light weight, more reps! I made sure that after the gym session I had a good stretch out.

The groin injury that I thought had gone decided to come back 4 miles into the run. I made sure that I fully stretched this are afterwards. But still felt sore.

When I’m running I use an app synced with my ‘phone called ‘Map My Run’, similar to the Nike Running App. It stores the route that you have taken, indicates the time that it has taken you and tells you miles per minute achieved. This is really helpful for comparing times, speeds and routes each week and is a good indication of the progress made. 

I would really like to be able to attend one of the Pilates classes run by Eve at Low Wood Club. It’s not the type of class I am used to attending but it would be good for muscle flexibility. When my shifts allow, I will attend one soon.


Spinning at Low Wood Club
Spinning at Low Wood Club

After work I completed a 3 mile fast paced run followed by some time on the spinning bike. I also worked on some strengthening exercises for the upper body arms and shoulder along with some abdominal exercises.



One hour spinning class followed by a leg strengthening session in the gym. I also worked on some core exercises. Later on I completed a 3 mile run.


Scheduled as a complete rest day but as I had missed a run from Tuesday I ran a fast 5 mile paced run in the morning before work.


No running today as I was on an exciting course in Manchester which will enable me to become a Zumba Kids Instructor! However, I did complete a gym session once I had arrived home.

Zumba Kids will be coming soon to the Low Wood Club so keep a look out!

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