Marathon Challenge at Low Wood Club – Training Diary Part 2

Emma Robinson, Fitness Instructor at Low Wood Club continues her training for the Coniston Marathon and already she is seeing an improvement in her pace and technique as she enters week two.

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Let take a look at Emma’s training plan for week two…


Today I had planned a 3 mile run but unfortunately the busy nature of my day did not allow it. However, I did get to the gym a bit earlier than planned so that I could do some cardio work and then a set of exercises to target the back muscles. It’s really important to ensure weights are not too heavy, going for completing 3 or 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions. The exercises tackled included Lat Pull down, Low Row, Single Arm Row along with a row exercise on the D.A.P. I followed these with a couple of exercises that target the biceps and triceps.


After a short break I taught my 45 minute circuit class which included a variety of abdominal and cardio, exercises with light dumbbells and pump FX bars – each completed for a minute. I take part in this class along aside the members that attend.

I know that I didn’t manage to complete a 3 mile run but I guess I’m learning to keep a flexible approach to the training and knew that I could make up for it another day that week.


New equipment at Low Wood Club
New equipment at Low Wood Club

A Gym day today. During my one hour session I completed some leg work to strengthen the muscles ready for the marathon. Again I made sure that the weight used was light enough to complete 15-20 reps each time. The exercises included leg extension, seated squats, calf raises, weighted squats and single leg kicks on Low Wood Clubs new human sport equipment (which is an exercise I would highly recommend to any of our members wanting to strengthen their quadriceps.)


A 5-mile route around my home-town. I was impressed with my time of 48 minutes, a slight improvement on my usual 10 minute mile. I was thrilled!

Later on I headed to our sister hotel Lancaster House and the Sandpiper Club gym were I ran a short distance of 2 miles followed by a gym session mainly focusing on the core with a concentrated stretch session to get the muscles to function for my next run. Relaxing my legs in the hot tub and Jacuzzi after the session was bliss and I also treated myself to some time in the steam room and sauna.

Outdoor Hot Tub at Lancaster House
Outdoor Hot Tub at Lancaster House

Relaxing felt great! It is very important to rest the body to let the muscles recover. I hold my hands up, I know that I am not one for rest. I’m always on the go, but one thing that I am going to have to learn whilst training for the marathon is that rest is very beneficial.


Another 5 miles – and 5 minutes faster than yesterday! This time I chose a different route to add extra variety and I then walked up to the gym and worked a session on my shoulders. Today’s run was scheduled at a faster pace so I was happy with completing it 5 minutes faster than before.



A fast paced 2 mile run. After finishing my shift at work, I ran to Waterhead and back in 17 minutes. Happy with my pace. I then headed up to the gym and cycled on the bike for 20 minutes followed by a short chest workout, again using light weight and for greater reps.


Complete rest day and I needed it!


Before teaching my circuit class at 10 am, I completed a fast 3 mile run and headed to the gym for an hour. We concentrated on upper body and abdominals in the class and once again, I joined in. After work an evening of relaxation was in order and I feel that I deserve it. Bring on week 3!

Need training guidance for your next big challenge?


Members at Low Wood Club get free advice form our fitness experts as part of their membership. Whether you need advice or a little encouragement for increasing your fitness levels or training for an event the team at Low Wood Club would be happy to help you along the way.

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