Diet Challenge – ’50 by 50′ part 4

Sandra Gibson, Low Wood Club, is over half way through her journey to lose 50 lbs before she turns 50. Here she tells us about some of the encouragements she has had along the way. 

The Countdown Continues …

Only another 8 weeks to go! After the frustration of pre-Christmas weight loss followed speedily by post Christmas gain, I’m now determined to lose the remaining 20 lbs to reach the 50 lb weight loss target before my half century birthday.

elhedit-12-X2So, now I’ve upped the ante to a 6-day-a-week training programme. Steven Brockbank, gym instructor at Low Wood Club, has been an inspirational trainer who knows how to put me through my paces. He seems to have an instinct about when to push my limits to get the best out of me and when to back off and tell me I’m doing well!

Steven Bockbank
Steven Brockbank, gym instructor at Low Wood Club

The progress Sandra has made in such a short time is amazing! The initial exercise routine that I set was a huge challenge for Sandra but she has moved way beyond that now.

We have been out running, had one to one circuit classes and used the club’s vast range of equipment, CV and weight machines to improve flexibility, strength and endurance.

I recently reviewed Sandra’s progress by re-visiting previous sessions – the results were remarkable! We were able to fit in much more in the same amount of time and to push way beyond previous limitations.

Sandra has thrown herself into every difficult exercise, challenge and training method with real determination and passion. I have no doubt that she will be able to lose the remaining pounds before her fiftieth this year. I have several different challenges in mind for the next few weeks and I will let you know how she is doing in the next blog.

A Wonderful Encouragement!

Every now and again, usually when you are wondering if it’s worth putting your body through such torture, somebody comes along and speaks a kind word of encouragement which motivates you to keep going. I had no real idea if anybody was reading this blog, but you can imagine my surprise and delight when  a regular Low Wood Bay hotel guest, sent over this beautiful gift!

Diet Doodle Diary
Diet Doodle Diary

A Diet Doodle Diary filled with inspirational words, space to log my food and exercise, write about how I feel. With lots of amusing cartoons and slimming tips from people who know there are no quick fixes. Mrs Harris had been working towards her own weight loss target but had stalled. Apparently, reading about my challenge has motivated her to pick up where she left off. Thank you Mrs Harris…  we will do it!!


Porridge for breakfast, salad and corn thins for lunch and fish/chicken and veg for dinner, I honestly wouldn’t go back to convenience food, Saturday night take outs or snacks between meals. I don’t miss them and feel so much better without them! My skin and hair are in better condition and my energy levels are up.

Make time for pampering

Between working full time and an intense training schedule, it would be easy to forget ‘me time’. I recently took a couple of hours out and Michelle, one of the Low Wood Club’s beauticians, treated me to a facial and introduced me to our new range of Art Decco make-up.

Low Wood Club Beauty Treatments

Now I’m ready for the home straight! Watch this space …

Follow Sandra’s progress

Read part onepart two and part three of Sandra’s Journey, and follow the blog for her next update.

Join the 6 Week Boot Camp

If you too, would like to embark on a lifestyle change and are not yet a member, why not sign up for the Low Wood Club 6-week Boot Camp for one-on-one fitness sessions with Steven. The Boot Camp costs £60.

For club members, Steven also offers one-to-one training, which will be mainly studio base but could involve training outside too. A one hour session will cost £15.

  • Book by calling: 015394 39344

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