Slum Dog Hotelier Launches New Charity

Elliot Berry is the youngest son of Simon Berry, English Lakes Chairman and Managing Director. In the run up to the fundraising dinner for a new charity he tells us a little about his work in Africa. 

The Lake District and Kambi Teso Slum 7,484 km apart, but both my home. I feel comfortable in any of the English Lakes hotels or in any of the shacks in the dark slum alleys. Whether suited and booted for a function or booted and fully deet sprayed (to repel flees) either of them is my life.elliot and child

My work has evolved quite a bit in the last three years. Working as a counselor and house parent for Open Arms International which English Lakes have supported since 2010, I have now begun the process of starting my own charitable organisation.

Open Arms children supported by English Lakes
Open Arms children supported by English Lakes

The main purpose of The Noah Initiative is to provide the skills and knowledge so that at risk youths can build their own boat of safe keeping to battle life’s storms. At the moment there are 9 boys enrolled in The Noah Initiative. We hope to help them by opening up opportunities for a bright future and avoid a life of unemployment, financial struggles and early death.


One of the boys enrolled on the initiative is Edwin …

My community told me I would be a street boy, they told me I would die on the streets. I didn’t want that life. The Noah Initiative is helping me realize a better future.

Peter wrote to Elliot the day after his father died, leaving him orphaned,

I was thinking, I am left now, I am the only one, I have no one. But then I remembered you and the Noah Initiative and I realized I still have a father, I am not alone.

It is not an easy life here. The boys live by donations and sponsorship and don’t always know if they will be eating next week. But thank the Lord we always do! To live here is a choice, and not an easy one. But it is home, it’s my calling.

If you would like to support, find out more or book tickets for the upcoming Fundraiser, email

NOAH- Draft1.

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