10 Delicious Ways to Use Marmalade Any Time

In The Wild Boar kitchens, Chef makes our own marmalade as an extra special touch for our Bed and Breakfast guests. There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh orange on marmalade making days. So, since it is National Marmalade Week (28 Feb -7th Mar 2015), here are some ideas to inspire you breakfast, lunch and dinner!


1. Morning martini

Add a teaspoon of orange marmalade to gin, cointreau, orange juice shaken and served with a twist or orange garnish.


2. Breakfast swirl

Delicious swirled through porridge or natural yoghurt.

3. Marinade

Add to soy sauce to make a tangy marmalade for pork or chicken.

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4. Cheeseboard twist

Add to the side of your cheeseboard for a piquant twist which cuts across a creamy cheese.

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5. Marmalade and Ice Cream

Spoon warmed marmalade over ice cream and top with chopped nuts and whipped cream for a decadent sundae.

6. Strangely scrumptious

Try crispy bacon sandwiches with a layer of tangy tart marmalade.


7. Flip and pour

Heat and serve over pancakes.

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8. Anyone for Chocolate?

Fold 2 tablespoons of marmalade into your favourite chocolate brownie mix for a sassy twist.

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9. Fruity Shine

Glaze your fruit cake with good quality marmalade to add a shine

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10. On Toast with butter

Or just enjoy on hot buttered toast with a mug of tea!


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  1. seeing the bacon bun with tangy marmalade reminded me that I used to have bacon buns like this when I was a little girl on my aunts farm….just brought a lovely childhood memory back!

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