Diet Challenge – ’50 by 50′ Part 3

Recently, Sandra Gibson, Low Wood Club, started her journey to lose 50 lbs before she was 50. In her next update, she shares with us her results over Christmas and January.

Three Gym sessions each week!

elhedit-11So, I got off to a better-than-expected start – 3 gym sessions a week as part of the 6 week Boot Camp with a range of new exercises tried and 8lbs in weight lost within the first couple of weeks. Now a short break loomed followed by Christmas and the inevitable temptations that are part and parcel of that time of the year.

I’ve got to confess I was nervous and wondered if I had the discipline to keep the diet and exercise going without someone standing at my shoulder keeping me on track!

The Christmas holiday

Amazing sunset inside the Arctic Circle
Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding

As far as the holiday went I needn’t have worried. This was a long weekend of Dog Sledding in the far north of Sweden, 200 km inside the Arctic Circle. We were in total wilderness and it got dark by 1.30 pm. A beautiful place – we were truly at one with nature! Accommodation was in a timber cabin with a traditional Swedish sauna. Dinner was by candlelight, but so incidentally was breakfast and lunch – forget romance, this was life at it’s most basic. No electricity, a daily trip to the frozen lake to source our water and yes, toilet facilities were behind a tree of your choice!

I got to drive my own dogsled with four dogs the experience was either magical or at times terrifying but on the whole amazing and a once in a lifetime experience. Diet and fitness happened without really having to think about it. Mushing skills eat up calories and living off basic fayre, cooked over a single gas ring doesn’t really allow for gastronomic delight. I’m pleased to say another 4 lbs hit the deck!

January at Low Wood Club

It was back to the gym the following week. The brand new functional training kit has now been fully installed and I am able use the fabulous new gym. Steven works closely with me to make sure I use everything correctly and is there to give me my motivation tips. Working with Steven has been great as he mixes training up between gym strength / cardio sessions and then off to the studio for circuit sessions.


Here’s the ‘photo to prove that I got my own back kick boxing! What a great way to work off stress as well as calories!

Weigh in

Christmas was always going to be a challenge but I had already decided that I would be sensible but not miss out on the good stuff. Yes, I did have a small portion of Christmas pudding and the odd Christmas chocolate. However, this challenge kept me on the straight and narrow and I carried on with gym sessions. Weigh in after Christmas showed 4lbs had reappeared. Realistically, I wasn’t surprised. My latest weigh in shows I have lost in excess of 20 lb to date and the Christmas pounds have gone!! The January weeks have been hard – lots of gym, keeping to my eating goals but the pounds now coming off a lot slower, but still going in the right direction!

Follow Sandra’s progress

Read part one and part two of Sandra’s Journey, and follow the blog for her next update.

Join the 6 Week Boot Camp

If you too, would like to embark on a lifestyle change and are not yet a member, why not sign up for the Low Wood Club 6-week Boot Camp for one-on-one fitness sessions with Steven. This costs £60 and can be booked by ringing 015394 39344.

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