8 Creative Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours give the bride and groom the opportunity to thank their friends and family for sharing in their big day. This gesture is steeped in centuries-old tradition originating in Europe in the 1300s. French aristocracy would give their wedding guests ‘bonbonniers’ – sugared treats in a small trinket box made of crystal or precious stones. At that time sugar was a luxurious delicacy, difficult to source and therefore very expensive. As time went on bonbonniers were succeeded by five sugar coated almonds representing fertility, wealth, longevity, health and happiness. As sugar became more accessible wedding favours spread to all levels of society. Nowadays there is no limit to the scope of creativity that brides and grooms bring to the table to say ‘thank you’ to their guests. Here are a few of the Low Wood Bay wedding team’s favourites.

1. Coffee Beans

Personalised coffee beans for the ‘perfect blend’. You can buy coffee beans roasted in the Lake District at Waterhead Bar & Grill.

2. Blinding Love

A quirky and colourful idea for a summer wedding

3. Personalised CDs

A low cost and extremely personal gift which you can also have fun making.

4. Passionate Pegs

Get creative and use personalised pegs as favours or name place cards.

5. Succulent gift

A gift that can mix in with your floral design and double as a table plan.

6. Bubble Wands

Perfect to keep the kids entertained!

7. Miniature whiskies

The Wild Boar has a collection of over 120 whiskies and is the perfect place to sample a dram or two before selecting your chosen favour.

8. Origami

This one has endless possibilities and is one that you could master yourself with the many how-to guides available.

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