Diet Challenge – ’50 by 50′ Part 2

Recently, Sandra Gibson, Low Wood Club, started her journey to lose 50 lbs before she was 50.She now shares the results of her first couple of weeks and some of the strategies that she is going to incorporate to keep the momentum going. 

A Great Start!

Stephen and Sandra
Steven and Sandra

Off to a better than predicted start! The digital scales, for now my new best friend, announce that I was 8 lbs lighter after week one and a further 2 lbs the week after that!! And yes, I do realise that it’s normal to lose higher than average amounts in the first weeks, and that I won’t be able to report such losses every week. But, for now let me have a moment of victory!

Boot Camp

I’ve signed up for Low Wood Club’s 6-week Boot Camp. This is an opportunity to have an intensive period of exercise three times a week with qualified fitness instructor, Steven Brockbank. We’ve made a start and after my initial fitness test we were off to the gym.

In the gym with Stephen
In the gym with Steven

The most amusing part of the first session was when Steven announced that I would do the plank – really??!! Anyway, I did! I wont be breaking any records for a while but I did it! Session 2 consisted of One to One circuit training. To keep me company and stop me feeling like a lemon, every thing I did, Steven did too. Yes, more plank’s – 5 seconds longer this time. Also on the menu were squats,  jogging, various weight lifts and tummy crunches. When I got over the shock of being there, I actually found myself enjoying this session. To keep things varied Steven chose a 3 mile circular walk for our next session. This took just short of an hour with quite a bit of up and down hills. Just so that I don’t get complacent, Steven has said that we will do it in 40 minutes next time – watch this space!

Next week we’re Kick Boxing in the studio – so an opportunity to get my own back – only joking Steven!

Keeping a Diary

Apparently dieters who write down what they eat are statistically more likely to lose weight. I reckon anything is worth a go, so I intend to keep a daily diary and from time to time perhaps I will share this with you – the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

Breakfast – An Old Wives Tale?

529517239Is it an old wives tale, or is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Is it really possible to eat more and weigh less? Prior to starting my new eating regime I would just grab a cup of coffee before heading for work. The only time I eat breakfast is when I do the ‘Full English’ on a weekend break. But I know there is enough research out there that has repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast have a better chance of losing weight, and keeping it off. Apparently by skipping breakfast, we’re so hungry by lunchtime we’d eat an entire cow! Breakfast wakes up the metabolism, improves mental capacity and can curb irritability. Breakfast then is back on the menu!!

If you too, would like to embark on a lifestyle change and are not yet a member, why not sign up for Low Wood Club’s 6-week Boot Camp for one-on-one fitness sessions with Steven. This costs £60 and can be booked by ringing 015394 39344. 

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