Diet Challenge – 50 Pounds Before I’m Fifty!

With much national press coverage about the need to encourage a healthier Britain, Sandra Gibson from Low Wood Bay, has set her own personal target and is bravely sharing her journey with us in order to encourage others. 

Sandra with her adorable puppies
Sandra with her adorable Pyrenean Mountain  puppies

The Challenge

Day One, Week One!! What have I let myself in for?! It was all very well asserting to a colleague that I was determined to lose 50 lbs before I was 50 … but now I am accountable and the clock is ticking! I have 205 days or 29 weeks or 4,920 hours – whichever way I look at these figures, it seems a lot of weight in a short space of time. However, I know that it is possible and, best foot forward, I would like to share my journey with you – and hopefully be an encouragement to others embarking on a lifestyle change. Certainly for me, and with an eye to the future, it seems more important than ever before in order to maintain a good quality of life as long as possible.

What Does 50 Pounds Look Like?

So, to get perspective on this I asked ‘Ask’ to describe ‘50 pounds’. Take your pick from the following – a small bale of hay; 2 car tyres and a large bag of sugar; 2 toddlers; a microwave oven and 2 bags of flour or, and this is my personal favourite, 10 Chihuahua dogs!! Random, or what?! On a more positive note, when I reach my destination I will have burned up 175,000 calories.


How Did I Get Here?

I do remember fitting into a very elegant size 14 dress that my Mum bought me for my 21st birthday. In fact, I think I still have that monument to slim somewhere in the back of the wardrobe and I am making a mental note to search it out! What happened in the meantime? I guess the answer to that is just ‘life’. Being a wife, Mum with a full time job and all the other responsibilities of family life. Sometimes it’s just easier to reach for easy, comforting food and when that becomes the norm it’s a lifestyle. I just didn’t stop to correct my bad lifestyle choices. But, as they say, it’s never too late.

The journey begins. Sandra with gym instructor, Steven Brockbank
The journey begins. Sandra with gym instructor, Steven Brockbank

Boot Camp

Healthy eating alone will not be enough to reach my target. Exercise is going to be essential not only for weight loss but also muscle tone. So, with the ‘go ahead’ from my doctor, I have signed up for Low Wood Club’s 6 Week Boot Camp run by our new instructor Steven Brockbank. I will have three appointments with Steven each week. Given his army background, I am not expecting him to let me off lightly!


Weigh In

I know this will be the excruciating part of the week – the moment of truth! Have the self denial, hunger pangs and aching muscles achieved the desired result? I’m planning to get weighed every week and be accountable with a print out showing the results in black and white. I may not reveal these publically to begin with, but I will tell you weight loss (or gain!) as I go.

Join the 6 Week Boot Camp

If you too, would like to embark on a lifestyle change and are not yet a member, why not sign up for the Low Wood Club 6-week Boot Camp for one-on-one fitness sessions with Steven. This costs £60 and can be booked by ringing 015394 39344.

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