Gin of the Month – The Lakes Gin

Following on from Anthony’s introduction to Waterhead’s premium range of Gins, his choice for December’s Gin of the Month is, The Lakes Gin, the only gin to be distilled in Cumbria and launched in November 2014.

The Distillery

avatarSituated in a beautiful area next to Bassenthwaite Lake and surround by the idyllic Cumbrian fells, the distillery sources its water from the famous River Derwent which runs at the foot of the distillery’s site, The Lakes Distillery has ideal water, full of vital constituents needed for distilling and producing a refreshing and flavoursome gin. This is then paired with local juniper berries and other classic botanicals native to the Lake District including bilberry, heather and meadowsweet making The Lakes Gin a truly Cumbria product. This really is an artisan gin which is described as being ‘big’ and having a taste of clear fresh citrus, fruity and floral, as well as being slightly complex, intriguing and delicious all at the same time.

Bassenthwaite Lake in the English Lake District
Bassenthwaite Lake in the English Lake District

The Lakes Distillery, is already home to the multi award-winning ‘The One’, a unique blend of exceptional whiskies from the British Isles. It also has a triple distilled Vodka and their single malt whisky which will start production soon.

The distillery is due to open to the public later this month and has been the site of a project that has seen the restoration of an 1850’s Victorian Model Farm which will now be the home of The Lakes Distillery and their world class spirits for many years to come.

The barn houses
Unique design of stills

The main barn houses the mash house and still house, with the unique stills, carefully designed to produce the spirits. An old cattle shed has been converted into their warehouse, with further cattle sheds being transformed into a shop, bistro and bar. A lot of thought has gone into the production process at the distillery to ensure they produce a malt whisky of outstanding quality and one of the finest gins and vodka available in the UK. The plant has been carefully designed to the highest specification, and the copper stills have been made to unique designs, on a small artisan scale, meaning they can lovingly produce spirits without the need of mass production!

Tasting Notes


  • Nose: Big, fresh with citrus and fruity
  • Palate: Juniper jumps out with plenty of floral notes
  • Finish: Complex and vibrant but most importantly delicious of course!!

Serving Suggestion

To fully appreciate the flavours of The Lakes Gin it is recommended to chill in a fridge freezer before serving, and pouring neat. The gin has an outstanding taste that is fully appreciated when tried on its own, but if you are partial to a gin & tonic, they suggest mixing with an equal measurement of tonic, with no added fruit!

  • Written by: Anthony Sutcliffe, Deputy General Manager, Waterhead

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