Raf’s Lake District Nature Frame

Through our passionate people series with have introduced a range of passionate English Lakes employees! Not only are they passionate about going the extra mile for our guests but the also have many other passions, interests and hobbies. Sometimes the work-life interests coincide and we find ourselves sharing these things with our guests. As a perfect example of this, we’d like to introduce Rafael Garea-Balado, who works as a maintenance engineer at Low Wood Bay.

Our own Dr Doolittle ... Raf with a Bluetit
Our own Dr Doolittle … Raf with a Bluetit

One of my hobbies outside of work is Photography especially landscape, Wildlife/Nature and Travel. This started at an early age spending a lot of time in the Lake District as a child. My craving for the outdoor lifestyle later led me to becoming a Snowboard Instructor and I travelled for many years to stunning countries all over the world, from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France to name just a few. Along my travels my trusty point and shoot camera was always to hand to document and share my experiences by capturing many of the sights I had seen.

Stunning colours and reflections on Grasmere Wier
Stunning colours and reflections on Grasmere

Now gone are the days I could fit my camera in my pocket, over the years my understanding of the different settings and effects got me hooked and I just had to get a “proper” DSLR camera … but you can’t stop there anyone who’s into photography knows there’s a never ending list of lenses and accessories to have more control of your shots, I now carry a rucksack for my camera!

The fells around Coniston
Light leads the way into the Coniston fells

It was an easy decision moving from my home town Leeds to the Lake District National Park, I love being able to open my door and step straight out into the beautiful surroundings that are constantly changing.

Wading into rivers, negotiating gnarly ridges and trying to go undetected to local wildlife has become second nature. I think looking at scenes from different angles through a lens makes you appreciate its beauty even more, seeing the landscape change when clouds break or waiting for sunrise/sunset and watching the effects the light has on the land, Its more than just capturing a memory it allows me to rediscover my senses, recharge my batteries and find a sense of peace … it’s the perfect balance.

If you see me around the hotel say hi, ask and I’ll share my knowledge of some very special places.

Rafael Garea-Balado

Sometimes it's just about being in the right place at the right time ... Tawny Owl
Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time … Tawny Owl

We are delighted that Raf has agreed to do a regular blog for us, showcasing the beautiful local scenery and wildlife that the Lake District has to offer. Look out for more stunning photos soon. See more of Raf’s photographs here.

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