Picnic Wine – choose the Perfect Picnic Pairing

Lindsay Price, continues our series on seasonal wines. Here she shares a few of her al fresco recommendations. So, shake out the tartan rug, blow the dust off the picnic basket and start planning your outdoor feast in the Lake District

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A picnic in the Lake District

Don’t tell anyone … it looks like we are going to have a warm September!! So quick before the sun gets shy, get out into the great outdoors with a delicious picnic, paired with the perfect bottle of wine to accompany it. The main questions you will need to ask to find the perfect pairing is firstly, can you keep the wine cool, and secondly, what are you having to eat?

Prosecco on the Lake District Fells

Summer wine

Marques de Caceres rosé
Marques de Caceres rosé

If we firstly consider if you cannot keep your wine cool, there are still plenty of options to suit lots of different foods and palates. My first recommendation if you do not want a red would be a rosé Rioja. Something like the Spanish Marques de Caceres rosé is not only a nice dark, dry alternative to the usually light and sweet pink wines due to its 80% Tempranillo content, but it is also not necessary for it to be ice cold. Keep it in the fridge overnight, and then by the time you reach your destination it will be lovely accompaniment to spicy dishes, paella, or a barbeque.

Ironstone Zinfandel
Ironstone Zinfandel

Alternatively a nice light red can be perfect in the sunshine, something like a Chilean Los Vilos Cabernet Sauvignon is very easy drinking and universally enjoyed. Team this with your roast beef sandwiches or any cold cuts of meat and you will be in charcuterie heaven.

For those who enjoy a more full bodied red, try a red Zinfandel such as Ironstone from California. This manages to be rich and spicy but also bursting with fruit and sweetness, the more judgmental among us might say it is like the wine version of Ribena! Enjoy with some tapas to complement the tastes of blackberries and plums and your patatas bravas will be singing.

Wine on ice

If you can keep your wine cool then the world is your oyster. And if it is oysters you will be enjoying, or any fish or seafood, why not complement it with a delicious South African Chenin Blanc, such as Groote Post. Whilst French Chenins tend to be a sweeter variety, the South African offerings tend to be dry and full bodied, and this is a great example of a lovely fresh version, but will need to be ice cold.

Chablis Wine (source: wikipedia.org)
Chablis Wine (source: wikipedia.org)

If you are enjoying more of a veggie feast, with pasta salads, cous cous, goats cheese and red onion and vegetable tarts, a French Chablis will go superbly with these. Spend a little more and you will notice the difference in quality, the citrus notes will be delightful on a summer’s day.

If you are having an array of sweet treats, enjoy them with a lovely fresh and sweet Californian Zinfandel rosé, such as Angel’s Flight. Enjoyed with strawberries and cream it will bring the flavours out beautifully.

Or finally, why not jazz up a humble sandwiches and crisps picnic by whipping out a chilled bottle of Prosecco, to celebrate the Great British Summertime!

All wines are available to be enjoyed in the sunny garden at overlooking Lake Windermere at Waterhead Bar & Grill!

  • Written by: Lindsay Price
Summer in the garden at Waterhead
Summer in the garden at Waterhead

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