Malt of the Month – The Glenrothes Select Reserve

This month, The Wild Boar’s Master of Malt, George Hutton, introduces us to the single malt that is bottled only when the Master Blender feels the flavour has reached its peak – the Glenrothes Select Reserve. 

A Ray of Sunshine

English: Letters on the Glenrothes distillery ...
English: Letters on the Glenrothes distillery walls; Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On 28th December 1879, two momentous things happened in Scotland. The new rail bridge over the River Tay collapsed, plunging an unfortunate train into the icy waters and killing all 75 passengers. That very same day, the first pure spirit flowed from the stills at The Glenrothes distillery, a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dark day.

A very welcoming dram, matured in European oak sherry casks. The whisky is only bottled when the ‘Master Blender’ feels that the flavour is right, therefore Glenrothes Select Reserve has no age statement.

The Glenrothes Single Malt is the main malt whisky constituent of some of the best blended whiskies in the world including ‘The Famous Grouse’.

The Glenrothes Select Reserve Tasting Notes

Lots of zesty rich fruit on the nose. Thick Seville marmalade, bubbling on a hot stove with notes of toasted cereals.

The palate is silken smooth and utterly supple. Gentle barley whispers sweet nothings to the honey. A little vanilla and malt with toasted cereal and sumptuous oak.

The finish is long with mocchaccino and barley sweetness.

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