Inspiring Art – Waterhead hosts Photography Students from Lakes School

Continuing Waterhead’s links with the art world within our local community, it was great to welcome five students from Lakes School who are studying A Level photography giving them an opportunity to experience photography within a commercial setting. 

After a briefing from Lindsay Price, Deputy Manager at Waterhead, the students looked around and chose subject matter that fitted within defined categories such as Landscape, Movement, Surface Pattern, Architectural Features, Collections, Old & New.

The young photographers then returned at the end of the same week to take their photographs in and around the hotel. Two of the pupils shared with us how they tackled the project and here are a few of their initial images.

“Due to the overwhelming purple in this photograph I increased the contrast and saturation to enhance the colour. I feel that the colour purple has connotation of royalty and elegance which links very nicely to the fact Waterhead is a boutique hotel.” Rosina Hosking

Rosina Hosking
Rosina Hosking

 “I wanted to focus on  the large waterfall feature. We were told that all of the rooms were named after waterfalls and this seemed to be a strong theme running throughout the hotel. The waterfall was lit by a small spotlight, this light reflected in the water and created a dreamy look. These photos are close ups of the waterfall.” Chloe Ackers

Chloe Ackers
Chloe Ackers

On 27th June we visited the Waterhead in Ambleside. The staff were welcoming and the hotel was amazing, with luxury rooms and fantastic views. When taking the photos I got a bit carried away and followed many themes, my main theme was reflections. One of the main subjects in my photos are the fabulous cocktails that are served at the bar. These were brilliant to photograph because of their exciting colours and exotic fruit.

On 11th July  of English Lakes Hotels were invited to Lakes School for a presentation of the finished results with a selection of the students work below.

Lakes School Photography Students Project

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