Keeping it Cool with Cool Cow Ice Cream

Did you know July is officially the month of Ice Cream? President Ronald Reagan of the United States proclaimed that July was forever to be ‘Ice Cream Month‘. Here in the UK we don’t need an excuse, serving ice cream 12 months of the year, but in honour of the month we want to introduce you to our local supplier… Cool Cow.

When English Lakes Hotels are looking for a new supplier, our criteria is pretty strict to say the least. Certainly, price is way down the list of pre-requisites, as we always prioritise the far more important qualities of great food and drink such as flavour, variety, ethical methods of production, locality, environmental awareness and of course, true quality.


A few years ago when we were searching for an artisan, local ice cream supplier, we were blessed with facing a superb choice from which to choose our final producers. After much gorging on some delicious frozen-fayre, overwhelmingly Garstang-based “Cool Cow” came on top for Lancaster House and Angela Stewart (founder/ice-cream maker/delivery lady/accounts clerk i.e. a “true” sole-trader) has been supplying the hotel with her unsurpassed produce ever since.

Angela from Cool Cow (Photo credit – Visit Lancashire)
Angela from Cool Cow (Photo credit – Visit Lancashire)

But it wasn’t just the flavour of Cool Cow that made us fall in love with this Lancashire Lass. All of her ice creams are made with 100% Organic Milk, sourced from a mere 15 metres away from the production building.

Cool Cow is based at Old Holly Farm and the 120 Friesian cows at the Farm are milked twice a day solely for the purpose of making ice cream.

Friesian cows at Old Holly Farm (Photo credit – Visit Lancashire)
Friesian cows at Old Holly Farm (Photo credit – Visit Lancashire)

When creating any of her 20+ flavours, Angela uses only natural ingredients and you’ll never find any artificial sweeteners or additives in her ice cream. Plus, all these ingredients are again sourced locally, making Cool Cow a true Local Food Hero.

Since starting in 2007, the business has gone from strength to strength, proving that great quality and a committed approach to supporting the local community will always be the key ingredients to success.

As well as a range of classic flavours in her portfolio, Angela has come up with a stunning selection of mouth-watering ice creams and sorbets including Lemon Cheese Biscuits, Apple Pie, Stemmed Ginger and one of our own favourites – Honey Buzz.

She’s not afraid of the occasional commission. Last year we wanted to serve our Christmas guests with a truly unique and festive sorbet. After a quick chat and brainstorming session with Angela, Cool Cow came up with a Mulled-Spice and Cranberry Sorbet which “wowed” the customers at Lancaster House on Christmas Day.

Cool Cow Ice Cream is available at Lancaster House, Low Wood Bay and from Old Holly Farm, Cabus Nook, Preston.

  • Written by: Tim Bell, General Manger of Lancaster House

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