Max’s Doggy Holiday – Waterhead, Ambleside

English Lakes is proud of it’s pets welcome policy and guests have been bringing their pets to our hotels in the Lake District and Lancashire for many years. Once again, Max has been out and about and eager to tell us of his visit to Waterhead…

My tail was wagging extra excitedly when I heard that our next holiday was going to be next to the lake at The Waterhead! I do love a good splash about!

I love a good splash!
I love a good splash!

We arrived to a lovely welcome from Ilse, who explained all about the hotel and that we could go on the lake cruises, which are doggy friendly, and that we could have all our meals together in the bar, hooray!

Thank you for my lovely comfy bed!
Thank you for my lovely comfy bed!

We went to our room, and lovely housekeeping had left me a nice bed and a bowl withsome treats in, and even a personalised welcome letter, just for me! I felt like a doggy VIP!

In the afternoon we went on the Jenkins Crag walk, which begins right opposite the hotel and was very easy for me to follow, being chief navigator, and we all got lovely and wet and muddy! Luckily when we got back to the hotel there was a special tray in the room to put dirty boots in.

When we came down for our din dins, the friendly Waterhead staff had set up a table in the bar for us, and while the grown ups enjoyed one of their signature gin and tonics, I had a nice cold water bowl. The food up on the table smelt very nice, but I was more interested in looking out of the window to the lake and the park next door and thinking about all the exciting adventures I was going to go on in the morning.

On our way back to our bedroom we stopped off and picked a film from the hotel’s DVD library and we all got into our big beds and watched it before we went to sleep.

In the morning I was giddy to get going but we went to have our breakfast and then at last I was allowed to go and play in the lake! It is nice and shallow opposite the hotel and I had a great time playing and splashing!

Then we went to the huge park next door and had a good run around to dry off, after which we went into Ambleside where there were lots of pubs and cafes where I was also welcome.

I so loved it at Waterhead and the Lake District, they are so doggy friendly, I could stay here forever! Maybe if I’m a good boy we will go on another holiday soon….

Licks and Wags,

Max the dogPaw


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