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Jennifer Moffett is the latest in our series of featured artists living and working in the communities close to our Lake District Hotels.  Jennifer’s painting is inspired by the beautiful surroundings and she uses interesting techniques which add depth and character to her work. Her work is currently on display in Waterhead reception.

Jennifer Moffett in her Art Studio
Jennifer Moffett in her Art Studio

I live in Ambleside with views of mountains on three sides of my house and I’m happiest when on the fells or in the garden. However, I love painting and I describe myself as an experimental artist and like to use a variety of media including oils, acrylics, collage and printmaking to find out how they combine to create something different.

I’m always looking at the world around me wondering how I can make an interesting image and I look for unusual shapes, textures and colours and their relationships to each other. So, a lot of photos get taken and quite a lot of sketches are made. I plan a picture in my head over a period of time and once in my studio I paint quite quickly at first then return often to the same picture repeatedly over days weeks or months. I usually have several pieces of work on the go at the same time.

Inspiring views from Copt Howe near Ambleside
Inspiring views from Copt Howe near Ambleside

I am tremendously inspired by the marvellous mountains and lakes around us in Cumbria but prefer to leave it to the photographers to produce a ‘true‘ image. Having always enjoyed drawing and painting and attending numerous art classes, it is only in the last decade that painting has become more central to my life. Ambleside Art Society and art classes at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal kick started this passion.

Jennifer Moffett's art currently on display at Waterhead
Jennifer Moffett’s art currently on display at Waterhead

This painting which incorporates acrylics and collage uses textures as well as colour to produce its effect. Some of my handmade paper is incorporated into the painting and textured gesso produces the rough surface. The ‘view’ in this case is drawn from my imagination.

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