Passionate About … Dry Land Mushing!

Cherrie Hargreaves, Guest Services Manager, Lancaster House
Cherrie Hargreaves, Guest Services Manager, Lancaster House

English Lakes employs passionate people! Passionate about going the extra mile for our guests. This usually comes from a good work-life balance which allows time for other interests and hobbies.

Cherrie Hargreaves, Lancaster House Guest Services Manager, got more than she bargained for when her husband asked if they could have a dog …

How did you get into this?

I am married to a musher. Am I a musher? A little bit yes, and hopefully a fully fledged one soon!

Before we were married my husband and I always said we wanted a dog. I wanted any dog, so long as it loved me and I could cuddle it all day long I didn’t care what kind it was. My husband wanted a Husky. “Ok”,  I said, “lets get a husky”. Well that was over 3 years ago now and believe you me I had no idea what I was getting into.



Tell us about your huskies

We have gone from no dogs to three in the space of three years. We have Nanook, a white female that we had from a puppy; Indy, who we got when he was 10 months old and Kaya who was 5 months when she came to us.

It all started with us joining an online forum for Husky owners. We went on organised walks and camps with other Husky owners in the UK. Some of the friends we met have become very close friends over the years and it is because of them that we got into the sport of Dry Land Mushing

This year we started to really train the dogs ready for attending races – a weekend of dogs and dog people who have lots of knowledge and who have been doing this for years – our idea of heaven.


For the uninitiated, what is Dry Land Mushing?

Dry Land Mushing is basically a sled on wheels. Husky’s are born to run and bred to pull. It’s what they do and they love it! Once their harness is on they know what to do, there is very little needed in the form of directional training, they just seem to know what you mean. The main training is like any athlete – endurance.

Soon you are flying through the woods (with a helmet on of course) and four miles is gone in minutes!

It’s muddy, it’s wet, we’re freezing but it’s what we love. This is how we spend most of our weekends.  If we are not racing, we are training. People don’t usually understand why I get excited over a new lead or when I’ve found a new supplier for raw meat. I admit that some people would describe me as ‘the crazy dog lady’, but I don’t mind. My dogs are like my children and I love that I can spend this time with them and my husband.


You’ve started competing, what is your goal?

This February we will be competing at the British Sled dog Sports Federation event to qualify for the International Federation of Sled dog Sports to represent Team GB in France next December, hopefully. To say that we are excited is an understatement. If we qualify it means sponsorships, lots of travelling and loads more training. Is it not every athletes dream to represent their country in the sport they love? Do I think of myself or my husband as athletes? No, but my dogs are.

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