The Wild Boar Whisky Club introduces its Master of Malt!

Introducing George Hutton, Receptionist at The Wild Boar and our new Master of Malt…

George Hutton
George Hutton

I have been part of The Wild Boar family for almost 9 Years now. Having a real interest in whisky, it now falls my responsibility, and a task that I relish, to write a monthly whisky blog for our guests, our Whisky Club members and all those out there who have an interest in, or taste for, the amber liquid. So, with my new title Master of Malt, affectionately bestowed upon me, lets begin…

In 2010 The Wild Boar was treated to an extensive refurbishment. At that time we introduced the relatively new concept for the Lake District – a Whisky Bar. Our Wild Boar Whisky Club developed very naturally as a result.


I’ve been interested in whisky for about the last twenty years, ever since a previous manager, and fellow Scot, treated me to a glass of Bunnahabhain. I was hooked! Not that I was a stranger to whisky, prior to that. I grew up in the town of Airdrie. Our house was half a mile from a local distillery, so I was never far from the smell of malt! I guess you could say it’s in my veins!

The Whisky Bar and Whisky Club, have been an inspiration to me. Over the last few years we have had some great tasting nights and hosted some of Scotland’s finest distillery ambassadors. The Wild Boar currently has a range of 109 whiskies and I have enjoyed learning about each as I progress on my own personal whisky journey.

Whisky Tasting Night

edits-15-X2I hope that my interest in whisky will be infectious and you will join me at The Wild Boar for some interesting forthcoming whisky tasting nights. I will be your host for the first time on 8th April 2014.

The whiskies I have chosen for the night are from four of the main whisky producing regions of Scotland. These will showcase the differences that mark the various regions. Considering that all Scotch Malt whisky is made from the same ingredients – Water, Malted Barley and Yeast – you will soon notice the differences in smell and taste.

More next month when we start the Malt of the Month.

  • Written by: George Hutton, Receptionist at The Wild Boar

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