Cycle link across Windermere now a reality

Low Wood Bay unveil revolutionary plan allowing cyclists to cross the lake.

UPDATE 2nd April 2014: Many of you keen eyed followers will have spotted this story about our “Floatation Over Of Lakes Scheme” affectionately known as “FOOLS” was of course an April Fools Joke.

Meet the Foolers

An uncle and nephew team have developed and tested a new concept that would allow cyclists of all ages to safely cross Windermere, bypassing a stretch of road with no cycle lane provision.


The plan would allow cyclists to use patent pending devices that attach to 80% of cycles and allow you to navigate over the lake in all but the worst conditions.

The “Floatation Over Of Lakes Scheme” uses surplus skis left over from the Lake speed restriction along with some trick gearing and propeller technology. Bicycles attach onto the devices and then cycle and steer across the lake to the cycle path on the other side. A prototype has been successfully tested and funding is being sort from the Go Lakes travel fund to pay for a further eight.

The device was developed and tested by uncle/nephew team, Tim and Ben Berry. Commenting on the invention Tim Berry said “We needed to find a use for our old skis and had a laugh when we first came up with the idea of bolting a bike on, but the more we thought about it the easier we thought it would be. Added to that we know there is a need for a way for bikes to cross the lake because the cycle lane ends at the Langdale Chase and starts again in Ambleside. Connecting cyclists to the cycle lane on the west side of the Lake using a device like this just made sense.”


Cyclists won’t have to be worried about breaking the 10nmph speed limit as the top speed reached so far is 4nmph.

Commenting on the safety of the scheme Ben Berry said “With the added water resistance speed is limited and the mile or so lake crossing takes around 30 minutes. The crafts are very stable and steer using the bikes handle bars making them easy to use and we are happy to provide buoyancy aids. Windy conditions are a concern but we anticipate that when the wind is too high to run there won’t be too many cyclists out anyway.”

The duo hopes to have operations running by the beginning of the Summer Holidays.

  • Written by Ben Berry

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  1. Great idea – will riders be able to harvest the spaghetti trees that overhang the water just before you get to Waterhead?

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