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English Lakes employs passionate people! Passionate about going the extra mile for our guests. This usually comes from a good work-life balance which allows time for other interests and hobbies.

Sandra Gibson, Manager of Low Wood Club and Sandpiper Club loves her canine family and is preparing them for Crufts 2014 in her spare time outside of work.

Adorable - a first outing for the puppies!
Adorable – a first outing for the puppies!


Crufts will be held at the Birmingham NEC in March 2014. There will be approx. 25,000 dogs competing. Walking around you would think there were that many stalls, selling everything imagineable and a whole lot you have never thought of.


The plan is to show 3 of our Pyrenean mountain dogs this year. Versace came to us from Maryland USA, Gaston his son that we bred ourselves and our latest edition Berry Berry who was collected from Sweden 18 months ago on one of road trips.

"Look how tall I've grown"!
“Look how tall I’ve grown”!

Seeing these beauties in the morning before I head off to work is a great way to start the day as they are always pleased to see me. This feeling of joy might diminish somewhat later in the week as they will start their exercise plan doing some roadwork.


Initially, they will do a 2/3 mile flat walk every 3 days, each of them being taken out individually. I will then commence a regular hill walk, only about a mile but steep! – again every three days! I hope they don’t start complaining about this – they are only doing it every third day, I am the one doing it every day!

Regular exercise is a vital part of the training programme
Regular exercise is a vital part of the training programme

Sometime in the near future all three will have a complete bath and groom. Berry Berry will delight in this as her aim, for no specific reason, is to see how wet she can get me and the surrounding area. Versace hates his nails being cut and will try various methods to stop me doing this. It really does become a battle of wills and then there is the good boy Gaston, always happy and cheerful and will do anything asked of him.

“Can I clean your teeth”?… “Yes of course”

“Grind your nails”? …“No Problem”

I think I will make his father watch, he should be ashamed of himself!

We wish Sandra, Versace, Garston and Berry Berry all the best at Crufts 2014 – we will let you know how they get on.

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