Passionate About … all things artistic!

English Lakes employs passionate people! Passionate about going the extra mile for our guests. This usually comes from a good work-life balance which allows time for other interests and hobbies.

Meet Debbi Fralick who works at as a Housekeeper. We welcomed Debbi to the Low Wood Bay hotel team in 2013 and very quickly discovered her passion for

… all things artistic!

You’re not local to Cumbria, tell us about your background…

Debbi collecting her supplies at Low Wood Bay
Debbi collecting her supplies at Low Wood Bay

I grew up in Colorado and discovered my painting hobby at the age of 18 whilst at bible college and I was asked to do a mural on one of the walls. I was very surprised at how good it turned out and I gradually gained confidence from that!  I’ve lived in England since 1995 and am married to Russell and have two daughters who are also very artistic. We often organise fun family activities such as pumpkin carving and dress up evenings.

Do you work in a particular medium?

I enjoy experimenting with different forms of art. Over the last ten years I’ve done quite a few murals for restaurants and schools. Locally, these can be seen at ‘The Gate’ café in Kendal and at Great Tower Scout Camp.

One of Debbi's murals gracing the walls of a primary school
One of Debbi’s murals gracing the walls of a primary school

I also make “lunch bags” out of plastic shopping carriers by fusing them. I noticed that I was collecting an enormous amount of carrier bags and did not want to let them to go waste. I researched different ideas for recycling and have come up with my unique style of re-cycled bag featuring different patterns and messages.  Making items like the bags makes you feel good as you are turning unused items into something special and personal.

I’ve heard that you’ve got a very unique art studio?

Debbi transforming her 'studio'
Debbi transforming her ‘studio’

If you visited my home you might at first glance think we have a tiny stone cottage in the garden, but it’s actually an old caravan that I bought and re-painted to use as my studio.  There, as well as doing my ‘bag’ art I also paint canvasses which I find very relaxing. I have not fixed on a particular style yet, I am still enjoying the discovery of many forms of art.

The amazing finished article!
The amazing finished article!

As a Christian, I have started painting bible verses in a style of vintage adverts and am thinking of doing different series and have them printed.

Inspirational verses on canvas
Inspirational verses on canvas

Are you as passionate as us?

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