Inspiring Art … Green – After Monet

Artist Patsy Derry
Artist Patsy Derry

Patsy Derry is our second featured artist living and working in close proximity to our Lake District Hotels. Patsy’s beautiful and intriguing photograph will be hanging at Waterhead’s Reception area between February and April.

“Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly where I took this photograph, so my outdoor photography always involves a bit of a quest to rediscover the location”!

Patsy's art on display at Waterhead reception
Patsy’s art on display at Waterhead reception

“I was drawn to the amazing effect of the leaf reflections, lily pads and light in the water, which made the surface resemble a painting by Monet. This photograph hasn’t been altered or enhanced to make this effect, it’s how it really was. The eye is drawn alternately from the clearly obvious Horse Chestnut leaves at the top of the image to the contrasting ‘painterly’ effect of the reflection”.

“I have been taking photography more seriously for the last 10 years, completing various courses including a certificate in photography from Lancaster University. Although I enjoy taking landscape photographs, I also often do family portrait shoots and weddings. I taught art for twenty years and also love to paint, being an active member of Ambleside and District Art Society”.

“Living in the beautiful Lake District gives me opportunities to take photographs every season”.

A wider range of images can be viewed on Patsy’s website and of course she is more than happy to talk directly about all aspects of her work.

Our previous featured local artist, Jean Grazier,  is commissioned by Chillswim Ltd to paint pictures of their Lake District open water swimming events, the most recent being the Big Chill Swim at Low Wood Bay on 1st – 2nd February. These prints are available through the Chillswim website.

Jean manages to capture the atmosphere of the recent ChillSwim event.
Jean manages to capture the atmosphere of the recent ChillSwim event.

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  1. Patsy Derry’s photo with leaf reflections is lovely. The wall at the Waterhead Hotel provides a perfect setting for it.

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment. Yes, the way the camera has captured the reflection is quite incredible and for a few moments can trick the eye into thinking it is a painting. Do you have links with the art world locally?

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