Passionate About … Olympic Biathlon!

English Lakes employs passionate people! Passionate about going the extra mile for our guests. This usually comes from a good work-life balance which allows time for other interests and hobbies.

Ian, Director of Onesimus
Ian, Director of Onesimus

Ian Woods is the Director of Onesimus, our people development and organisational change consultancy, where he is able to apply the same principles as those learned whilst a member of the GB Olympic Biathlon team.

Tell us about Biathlon and how you got involved.

Biathlon is the winter sport combining cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. Competitors need strength and endurance to cover steep terrain of up to 20km plus the fine motor skills required to quickly hit up to 20 targets 50m away. A time penalty or a 150m penalty loop is incurred for each missed target. I started doing biathlon as a soldier in the 80’s when I was based in Germany and Norway. By the early 90’s I was national sprint champion and regularly racing on the World Cup circuit. I represented Team GB at the Albertville and Lillehammer Olympics, and several World Championships.

You were also involved in coaching the Olympic team?

Yes, I became the national coach after I hung up my skis and rifle. I probably had more success as a coach than an athlete. I’ve worked with athletes who have competed at the last 6 Olympics and one who will be racing in Sochi. The pictures are from the 2002 Salt Lake Games where we managed to qualify a full team of four athletes. Back then GBR were still in the top 20 nations, a fact that gained us great respect from our rivals like Canada, Switzerland and Japan who were always chasing us (and who have snow!).

Ian with the 2002 Winter Olympic team
Ian with the 2002 Winter Olympic team

What’s the connection with Biathlon and your current role as director of Onesimus?

The principles of performance, motivation and success are more or less the same in business as they are in sport. It’s always about people; the way we think and the way we support each other. I’ve just carried those principles I leaned from the world of sport and adapted them for the world of work.

Who should we watch out for in Sochi?

Watch out for the Norwegians, Svendsen and Bjoerndalen
Watch out for the Norwegians, Svendsen and Bjoerndalen

The Norwegians, especially Svendsen and Bjoerndalen (pictured – Number 26) are very good, as is the brilliant Frenchman Martin Fourcade. Germany and Russia are also medal contenders. Keep an eye out for Team GB athletes Steve Lee Jackson and Amanda Lightfoot.

Are you as passionate as us?

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