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English Lakes employs passionate people! Passionate about going the extra mile for our guests. This usually comes from a good work-life balance which allows time for other interests and hobbies.

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We catch up with Kate from English Lakes Support office…

Low Wood Bay and the Three Bean Salad!

The famous cow "Daisy" from Jack and the beanstalk
The famous cow “Daisy” from Jack and the beanstalk

“Would you like Beans with that sir?” or indeed “Beans? Maybe?” Or, perhaps… Beans?
By the end of January we will be sick of beans, the thought of them and perhaps the sight of them – plus the never ending thigh slapping jokes and innuendos that are a compulsory addition to the Panto season.

What has this got to do with Low Wood Bay I hear you ask? Well, my day job is that of Office Manager at English Lakes Hotels, based at Low Wood Bay where I am invariably found typing, manning the phones, assisting Directors, Managers and team members in their daily duties – all to ensure the smooth running of the back stage of the hotel.

Kate (yellow) in the six girl chorus line
Kate (yellow) in the five girl chorus line

This leads me very nicely on to the reason for the bean connection. From 21st January through to the 26th January I will be found treading (very gingerly) the boards at The Lakes School for the Lakes Players production of Jack and the Beanstalk. This isn’t my first foray into Panto (oh yes it is…) Actually – this is my fourth year with the team of local wannabe thespians – however my usual role is hidden away behind the scenes helping with all the technical stuff, lights, sounds, heavy scenery, curtain pulling and waving my clip board about whilst emitting the phrase “Shhhhhhhh” at the not-so-quiet cast waiting for their cue to enter the stage.

This year I managed to get myself roped into the six girl chorus line. I say “girls”, however some of us are more mature than others and this dancing lark has been a joy – did I say joy? – to get to grips with. We are the “movers” of the cast rather than the dancers, who are a much more professional lot since they are a troupe from the highly acclaimed Maria Francis School of Dance and are way more co-ordinated than we are!

Pippa as Jack with his mother and brother
Pippa as Jack with his mother and brother

To add to the English Lakes contingent, the lead role of Jack is being played by Pippa Wilson, who is currently to be found working closely with the IT department at English Lakes. This is also her fourth year with the Lakes Players and between being an IT techie, she is working hard at her lines and is often found slapping her thigh – showbiz style. It’s her fault I’m involved – being my sister, she asked me 4 years ago to go and “help” unload the huge artic lorry that arrives with the professional scenery all the way from Coventry. I have been there ever since! It is the precursor to a mega long and tiring week of rigging lights and building set, a weekend of stage setting and props making………and then the rest, as they say is … bright lights and … SHOW TIME!

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