Max’s Doggy Holiday

English Lakes is proud of it’s pets welcome policy and guests have been bringing their pets to our hotels in the Lake District and Lancashire for many years. Today we have received a special guest blog from a four legged friend, Max who recently visited The Wild Boar…

Max the Dog
Me! Max the Dog

I was so excited to be going on my first holiday, as only being six months old I had only ever slept in my bed at home, so to be going away and sleeping somewhere else, what an adventure!

We arrived at The Wild Boar in the lovely sunshine (my favourite type of weather as I find that the rain spoils my beautiful curly ears) and at Reception all the staff made a fuss of me and said how cute I was, which of course is the truth but I never get tired of hearing it!  We were shown to our room by Adam, and it was a doggy dream!  There was plenty of room for my bed on the floor, and even French windows leading straight outside so I could be let out quickly when there was a call of nature and didn’t have to cross my paws at all!  And I know mummy and daddy were delighted with their huge comfy sleigh bed, but I wasn’t allowed on there! 

Playing in the Wild Boar Woods
Playing in the Wild Boar Woods

After we had checked in, we borrowed wellies from the hotel, and a map from the room and made our way outside for walkies.  Well, I have never had walkies as exciting as this before!!  Right next to the hotel we went through a gate and into the biggest woods I have ever seen!!  It was easy to find our way through following the numbered posts, and there were so many different trails we could hardly decide which to follow, so I mostly followed my nose!  There was so much to see and do, benches to stop at in front of lovely views, and an ‘eco-gym’ where the humans can test their strength and work up an appetite for dinner!  But mostly lots of open space for me to run around and lots of scents for me to follow!

In my nice warm bed
In my nice warm bed

By the time we had got back to our room and I had brushed my tail we were ready for our din dins.  Luckily I was allowed in the bar where it was set up for dinner! The food smelt delicious from under the table, and there were some very appreciative noises coming from the grown ups!  But I was happy with my water bowl which Beau brought for me – I’ll have my bone later!

The next morning we came down for breakfast in the bar again, ooh and what a feast!  Toast, cereals, juices, fruit, and then a cooked breakfast on top of that!  It’s a good job I’m taking these two for a walk after breakfast!  Adam even gave me a sausage, I just felt so special!  I just couldn’t wait to get back in the woods again, for a moment I was worried we wouldn’t be allowed in as there was some clay pigeon shooting taking place, but we just had to steer clear of that path but the rest of the woods were ours!


 I was very sad to leave The Wild Boar, it was perfect for my first doggy holiday, mummy and daddy could enjoy themselves and have me with them all the time as I know they don’t like to leave me (well I am their baby after all!).

I can’t wait to go back, but maybe we’ll try some of the other EnglishLakes hotels first, as I know they are all pooch friendly!

PawLicks and wags,

Max the dog

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