Video: Food Fight at Low Wood Bay!

On Twitter we follow the adventures of  @CumbrianBlondie  (A.K.A Gina) who was attempting to complete her list of 40 new things at the age of 40. The list included many new experiences such as driving a super-car, busking to earn lunch and to ‘pull an all-nighter’ in Ibiza! Also on the list was item number 38. Have a Food Fight.

Although a food fight is not something we would usually encourage at our 4 star hotels, Nevil Jeffery, General Manager at Low Wood Bay saw Gina’s tweet asking for suggestions and proposed that the team at Low Wood Bay could prepare an additional “special” dessert of blamange and jelly – which would make the perfect harmless projectiles for Gina unsuspecting friends after a unique afternoon tea at the Lake District hotel.

Gina blogged about the event and said, “I can’t believe I’ve never had a food fight before, the sheltered life that I’ve led! When I’ve been talking with friends about it, we said it would be more fun to have it, somewhere that you really shouldn’t!”

Nevil also set up a video camera (well away from the chaos) to capture the fight, which took place after a group photograph on the hotels lawns.

Gina and her friends in their "bad taste" fancy dresses
Gina and her friends in their “bad taste” fancy dress

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