Low Wood Bay Resort – A Great Place to Work, Rest and Play!

As part of our recent Showcase event at Low Wood Bay it was a pleasure to welcome Jan Walker, PA to Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi. It sounds as though our invitation arrived at exactly the right time …

After a crazy five weeks of working flat out and living in cramped temporary accommodation whilst our house is being renovated, my husband Alex and I, didn’t take us long to realise how much we craved some very special relaxation!

We’re not a million miles from the Lakes, so frequently use the main road through Ambleside to get to Grasmere and beyond, though I can never recall seeing the exact same vista twice as you hit the views from Low Wood Bay!   On approach, it’s difficult not to let your lower jaw drop open to the amazing colour and the light reflecting the mood of the lake with the backdrop of the fells. Already the feeling of  ‘calm’ is beginning to kick in and I’ve only just arrived in the hotel car park!


With ‘hospitality’ being key to my working life, I’m probably a walking nightmare when staying in hotels, but I just love the fact that at Low Wood Bay you really feel like you are amongst family and friends … and your own space when you need it!

Sales-showcase2We were all invited for a days sailing to experience the style of corporate hospitailty English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues can offer. I’m definitely no Ellen MacArthur, but once we boarded for the afternoon sailing experience in the safe hands of our experienced skipper Dan,  we became immediately involved and relished the challenge of enabling our boat to reach her destination at the Waterhead Hotel for what was the tastiest afternoon tea we’ve had for some time.

Sales-showcase3It seems hard to believe that only two hours previously, we had arrived feeling exhausted from work and the stresses of every day life and now we had met new friends, tried something new and challenging, even learned how to tie a number of knots!  The race between our two boats on the homeward course to Low Wood Bay was an absolute thrill – the chase, the views, the laughs with our crew trying to follow Dan’s instruction with the added bonus that we managed to get back onto dry land without losing anyone overboard!

The dining experience with all the lovely people we met was re-energising. Low Wood Bay really did shine ‘bright like a diamond’ that night. The food was a delight, the ambience and lake view from our room just perfect.

The next morning with big grins on our faces we spent the day in the beautiful lakes and even visited  one of our favourite places – The Wild Boar. Small compared to Low Wood Bay, but warm, cosy, fantastic food and extremely friendly. That evening we returned home – totally chilled, totally relaxed and totally happy with the brilliant experience we had with English Lakes. A huge thank you!

Written by: Jan Walker

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