Squash Tournament at Low Wood Bay

The game of squash originated in the UK around 1830 and came about after a few boys, who were waiting for their turn to play Rackets, knocked a ball around in a confined area adjoining the racquets court.

Squash-ball-300x200 In 1923 H.A.L. Rudd, writing in “Baily’s Magazine”, forecast that Rackets would lose many players to Squash with the arrival of the first English Amateur Championships. He was concerned at this prospect as he considered Rackets to be a “manlier” game; Squash afforded a good “sweat” but did not demand the same skill as Rackets, in his opinion. Rudd’s forecast proved to be only too correct as Squash grew rapidly and soon left its parent sport far behind in popularity.

Squash 2020 is a campaign to elevate Squash to become part of the 2020 Olympic Games. Reported by some to be the world’s healthiest sport it has some very obvious health and social benefits. It’s a great stress reliever, increases flexibility and strength, promotes good co-ordination and “with both players having to share a confined court space in competition, they have to co- exist. This unique feature teaches valuable lessons of friendship and friendly rivalry”.

The Squash Court at Low Wood Club
The Squash Court at Low Wood Club

I’m not sure ‘friendly rivalry’ was in the minds of the Low Wood Bay competitors as they went head to head in the first Low Wood Bay squash tournament. Ten male competitors with their sporting reputation at stake including Michael ‘the Salmon’ Haworth (Bar Supervisor), named for his epic mid-shot dives, Stefan ‘the Veteran’ Milanec (Head Chef), Lubos (General Assistant), the milk-drinking Slovakian stallion and Ken Wills (General Assistant) who thought squash was just a fruit drink made with water!

The entrants were split into Group A and Group B, each group playing a day apart. A previous injury and an injury on court knocked out two of the valiant would-be champions. It was clear that there were to be no prisoners taken.  After a long hard battle, Vlado (Kitchen Porter), favourite to win, took the inaugural Low Wood Bay Squash Tournament title and will enjoy dinner for two in the Windermere Restaurant as reward for his tenacity and killer instinct. Runner-up Lubos was awarded a bottle of champagne.

With over seven years to go, there’s plenty time for Squash to make it to the Olympics in 2020 – watch this space to see if any of Low Wood Bay’s Terrible Ten will make the team!

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