Lake District named Dream Spot in Kayaking Poll

A recent poll ran as part of a competition by Sitons has found the Lake District to be one of the UK’s top five dream kayaking locations.

The poll was taken as part of a December competition for watersports fanatics to win a GoPro Hero II camera. Over 500 entrants were asked where would be their dream place to kayak.

Kayaking on Lake Windermere, the Lake District
Kayaking on Lake Windermere, the Lake District

The Lake District ranked an impressive 3rd place out of the UK locations, mentioned numerous times alongside hundreds of worldwide-renowned kayaking spots.

Siton Kayak at Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre
Siton Kayak at Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre

Tez Plavenieks, one of the faces behind Sitons, said; “The polled results make for interesting reading. The obligatory far-flung locations do indeed make the cut but it seems many still prefer the idea of paddling closer to home.

“The demand for siton top kayaks has grown over the last few years, because launching yourself down rocky waterfalls isn’t for everyone. With a siton, anyone can learn the basics of kayaking and have fun in the water within minutes without the need for having to be ‘extreme’. They’re also safer than closed cockpit models if you capsize and durable to boot.

“Watersports have always played a big part in boosting UK tourism, especially in coastal areas through the summer. ”

In the Lake District, the majority of your kayaking takes place on flat, fresh water lakes sitting in the shadows of the areas many peaks. Lake Windermere is the biggest expanse of water but there’s also plenty of others to choose from.

Double Sit On Kayak
Double Sit On Kayak at Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre

At Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre we offer a range of canoeing and Kayaking activities, from boat hire to full tuition at the British Canoe Union approved centre. We have a range of modern craft at the centre with closed-cockpit and sit-on-top kayaks, and open canoes.

So come and join join us on Lake Windermere in the Lake District, one of the UK’s top dream kayaking spots.

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